December 14, 2014

How To Manually Install WordPress Blog on any Web-Hosting

WordPress installation is so easy that anyone can do it. With add on on your hosting service it take 2-3 minutes to get started with a WordPress blog. Today we will discuss about how to install WordPress manually. It is always good to learn WordPress manual installation.

It is recommended that manual installation is much secured than installing wp using Fantastico.

What is required to Manually install WordPress Blog:

We need few things to start the process.
  •     WordPress software: You can download from
  •     FTP Access
  •     cPanel access to create Database and DB username and password. 

Create Database and Database User:

MySQL Database Wizard : eAskme

You need not to be confused, just follow steps and create your database and associate a user-name and password to it. We need to change this setting in Wp-config in this WordPress manual installation.
  • Login to cPanel 
  • Click on MySQL database wizard under database and 
  • Create a Database and enter databse name in the box.
  • Click on next step 
  • Enter username and password. 
  • Click on Create User
  • Click on all privileges to newly created user
  • Click on next step.
Now you have database and username for WordPress installation. Note down details of database name, database username and database password.

Complete WordPress manual Installation Tutorial:

Now take few different steps to manual installation of WordPress. Either extract .zip file, edit wp-config file and upload complete WordPress folder to root of domain (Public_html), or use cPanel file manager to extract wp-config file and edit. The main thing is to change wp-config content and upload it to right folder. Use free FTP client like FileZilla. In this tutorial we will see how to do it with Web hosting cPanel.

Uploading WordPress to your cPanel:

  • Go to cPanel 
  • Go to file manager  
  • Upload the WordPress zip file
  • Click on extract 
  • Extract everything to public_html directory. 
To extract everything in Public_html
  • Go to cPanel hosting,
  • Go to Files 
  • File manager 
  • Browse to public_html directory 
  • Upload the file.
Files will show in directory name “WordPress’. But we need installation files on main domain, (, so we will move all files to under /public_html director by using move command.

Editing WordPress Wp-config file:

Now wee need to enter database information in Wp-config file. Make a copy of wp-config-sample.php. Rename it to wp-config.php. Click on edit:

In this file, here are couple of things which you have to change:
Change "password_here", "username_here", "database_name_here"  with the details you have created in first step.
  • Db_host usually remains Localhost.
  • Click on Save Changes

Executing WordPress Manual installer script:

Run the WordPress install script, enter a username and password to wp-admin and do basic settings. The last thing which you need to do to run your Wordpress blog is here:

Go to : (replace with actual domain name of your blog).

Final WordPress Manual Installation Setup : eAskme
Final WordPress Manual Installation Setup : eAskme

Select the language of WordPress installation:

  • Enter username and password to your WordPress installation. 
  • Login now via below given link

Change (replace with actual domain name of your blog).

Now, here are some of the basic posts and steps which you should be following to move ahead with it:
So this is how you can easily install wordpress manually. If you have any question, feel free to ask me. If you like this, do share on Twitter and Google Plus. Don`t forget to Subscribe eAskme. Happy Blogging!