May 10, 2017

Best Web Hosting Affiliate Program – MilesWeb

By Sona Mathews
You often come across people who make good money online and one such great mode of making a handsome income is by web hosting affiliate programs. It allows you to make good money by just utilizing your blog.

The whole agenda of affiliate programs is that you expose the visitors on your blog to certain products and if you are lucky enough and they tend to purchase it, then you make profit as you get some share of the sale that is made through your blog.

One very important aspect that should be kept in mind before you become an affiliate for any company is to pick up the best hosting affiliate programs with respect to quality as well as pricing.
Best Web Hosting Affiliate Program – MilesWeb : eAskme
Best Web Hosting Affiliate Program – MilesWeb : eAskme
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Affiliate programs offered by web hosting companies are one of the easiest ways of making some extra bucks. Well, let’s get to the point! The fact that you have made it here and are reading this blog, I take this into consideration that you have a fair knowledge about Web hosting and are interested in some extra income.

As stated earlier you should select the web hosting provider which you are comfortable promoting and you feel good while recommending its services to your customers, friends, family and near and dear ones. Let’s take a look at one of the best web hosting affiliate programs available in the market offered by MilesWeb. 

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MilesWeb, a premium and fast growing web hosting company is one that you would be proud to be an affiliate for. It is a company which has in few years of establishment made it big. So, you can be rest assured that they would always keep your clients satisfied. They are continuously adapting and upgrading to new technologies so as to assure the customers get the best. Let’s now have a look at some of the points that make your job as an affiliate working with MilesWeb more exciting. 


-    No Sign Up Fees
-    Rs 1000 Sign Up bonus – Woah ! you get your share even before start !
-    50 % Commission – You can avail up to 50% commission of the sale that you crack.

Commission Structure

Sale (Per Month)    Commission

1-3    30%
4-6    40%
7+    50%
  • Cookie duration – 365 days
  • Easy payout – As and when your Commission amount reaches Rs 2000, you are eligible for a payment from MilesWeb.
  • No Registration Fees – Absolutely no registration fees is required to enroll for the affiliate program offered by MilesWeb.
  • No Minimum Monthly Sales – There is no pressure on the affiliate to cater for an exact amount of sale in a month, one can invest as much time as he can in this.
  • Short Withhold period – MilesWeb processes your commission exactly after 30 days once you have cracked the sale.
  • Eye Catchy Banners – Variety of custom made banners are available. If you need a customize banner that would suit for your blog/website, just drop an email to and they will get it done for you.
  • Weekly affiliate payments – MilesWeb is the only company in the market to make weekly affiliate payments.
  • Limitless earning potential – When it comes to the money that you can make out of affiliate programs offered by MilesWeb, there isn’t a limit. It is directly proportional to the number of sales that you crack.

Now that you are aware about what great deals MilesWeb offers, it would have certainly instilled great confidence in the product and services offered. As discussed above and reiterating again, you would be pleased to know that the sign up is absolutely free, quick and easy and you can earn up to 50% commission on the sale that you crack. All you got to do is fill some information about you and your firm and the best mode you would wish to receive payment and MilesWeb does the rest.

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How MilesWeb Affiliate Program Works :

As an affiliate your job is to promote the MilesWeb service through your blog/website. It is a 3
 Step simple process :

Step I – Sign up for the program
Step II – Log in to the affiliate portal and either select the banner that best suits your blog or if you need a customized banner, just drop in an email at and they would get it done accordingly.
Step III – Use the banner in you blog /  text and start earning.

Conclusion :

Making money through your blogs using affiliate marketing is no more a tedious job and can be taken up by any individual. There are just a few things that should be taken into consideration :

  • It is very important to have a domain name and hosting plan that helps you run things successfully. MilesWeb is affordable and will provide you both as a packaged deal.
  • Google analytics should be used to good effect as it helps you get a better sense of customer preference and you can channelize your efforts in that particular direction.
  • Use link shortener to direct your affiliate links.
  • Perform usability testing to get the feedback from the clients. The success of your blog lies in identifying the topics which are liked by your clients and those which are of least importance to them. The money that you make through affiliate marketing is dependent on how much the clients like your post. So make sure you analyze the performance through the testing. 

All these factors are of utmost importance and MilesWeb offers you all the possible tools to ensure the success of your blog. Also you are assisted by a team of well qualified professionals in case you need any of their support.

Be an affiliate for MilesWeb today and start making huge profits !!! For more information visit

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