February 27, 2016

CPA Vs. Affiliate Marketing: A Beginners Guide To CPA Marketing

I believe that you may have already read or heard the word CPA many times when you read about blogging and making money online. You may have a question that how CPA is different than Affiliate marketing? Don`t worry today I am going to discuss about the similarities and differences between CPA and Affiliate marketing.

CPA Vs. Affiliate Marketing: A Beginners Guide To CPA Marketing : eAskme
CPA Vs. Affiliate Marketing: A Beginners Guide To CPA Marketing : eAskme
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If you are one of those who do not know about affiliate marketing than you should read Affiliate marketing Guide first. If you already understand the term and features of Affiliate marketing, than it is the right time for you to learn about CPA marketing and understand how CPA is different than affiliate marketing.

What is CPA Marketing?

Meaning of CPA marketing:

CPA = Cost for action/Cost per acquisition.If other words CPA marketing is the another type of affiliate marketing with a little twist.

CPA Vs. Affiliate Marketing:

The easy thing about CPA is that you will get paid every time for completing some action that could be anything. But in affiliate marketing you only get paid when someone make a purchase. You can call CPA an easy form of affiliate marketing as you get paid for even generating leads.

The second reason why CPA marketing is very popular is that you need not to give your credit card details to get paid. Now let`s see some major differences between CPA and affiliate marketing

Differences between CPA & Affiliate marketing:

    Get paid faster in CPA Network than affiliate marketing.
    You get help from affiliate manager in any CPA network who guides you about the for best offers and shares.
    In CPA it takes more time to become a part of a network.

Should you use CPA or Affiliate marketing?

CPA has its own benefit and downside also, where it pays quickly but it pays less at the same time.
I recommend that as a beginner you can start with CPA and in long run you cna shift to affiliate marketing.


Now you may have question that How much money you can earn with CPA?

Well it`s really simple to answer. There are people who are making millions with their CPA marketing. It can be anywhere between .10$ to 50$ per lead.

What about traffic generation methods?

I must tell you that you should check details of promotion before starting. There are chances that CPA offers can be limited to some certain geographical location.

What about reversal and holding period for commission?

You will be happy to know that there is no holding period in CPA and there are no no refunds. All you need to do is to reach minimum payout amount.

How about scam offers?

Always stay away from scam offers and avoid promoting anything scammy.


CPA and Affiliate marketing, both are the great source of making money online.

If you are a professional blogger, I would recommend you to take part in both ways of making money online. Here are more articles which would help you to earn money:
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