May 09, 2017

How to Write Amazing Blogs for Any Niche?

Every aspiring content writer faced a familiar scenario at some point. A new client wants you to write for them, but you know nothing about their niche. Sure, writing is your passion, but the client’s industry is riddled with unfamiliar, often intimidating terms. What can you do? 

How to Write Amazing Blogs for Any Niche? : eAskme
How to Write Amazing Blogs for Any Niche? : eAskme
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How can you sound credible, and more importantly make sense?

It’s easy! Once you are familiar with the topic you can make it your own. Getting into a new niche requires a lot of research, flexibility and creativity. You don’t have to know how a diesel engine works or how to installan HVAC in detail to write an article about something happening in the industry. You are a writer, not a mechanic!  

But you do have to know what a fuel injector is or what HVAC stands for, or your articles won’t make much sense. You have to do proper research on a topic and make it your own. In this article, we are going to cover how.

Analyze the Playing Field

The first thing you need to do is research who the biggest players in a particular niche are. Follow them on social networks and read all their articles. They are the best source of information you are going to get.

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But how do you know who the big players are?

Simply type in a few keywords relevant to the niche on Google and see who comes up first. The websites on page one will usually be the most influential ones. So for example, if you type in HVAC Service you’ll find out that you’ll find the best and most reliable information on the first page of the search. 

These are the blogs everyone turns to, customers and professional alike. This is where you’ll start your journey.

Learn Their Language

The one thing that can make or break your blogging efforts in an unfamiliar niche is the language. If you flaunt the jargon you’ve just learned about in every single line, a professional will be able to determine you’re only doing it to compensate for the lack of knowledge. 
Avoid using big terms if you are not completely certain what they mean. In case you have to, make sure to do the proper research in order to fully understand what the term entails.

 If you don’t, not only will your article look like nonsense to an expert in the field, it also might be harmful to someone who knows nothing about the topic.

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Imagine if you were writing about fixing a furnace the DIY way. One small mistake might be enough to hurt or kill the person tinkering with it. That mistake may very well come from bad instructions someone picked up from your article.

Narrow Down the Topic

If you’re going to write an article for a niche you’re not familiar with, your first blogs should not be complete guides to everything there is to know about it. Why? Because there’s simply too much to know about it.  

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Instead, narrow down your topic and stick to that. This way you’ll have to do far less research and will have a clearer picture of where you want to go with the article.  So, if you are writing about air conditioning systems you might want to look for something along the lines of most common AC malfunctions. Among these, you find that a common AC issue is something called short cycling. And there you have it!

What Causes Air Conditioner Short Cycling and How to Prevent it?

 Sounds like a great topic, doesn’t it?

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With a topic such as this one, you won’t have to go through mountains of content but have just enough to make an interesting and informative article.  

Research, Research, Research!

I’m going to keep this brief: if you don’t do your research your article will inevitably sound uneducated and wrong. Fortunately, nowadays you don’t have to sift through thousands of books in your local library. Simply find several topics on air conditioning short cycling on Google and easily make your way from there.

Make it Your Own

In order to truly make your article relevant to people, you have to be confident in what you are writing and make the article your own. 

You may not be the expert in the field, but you have done your research and know enough about it to transform it into a meaningful article. Again, in order to project the right level of confidence you have to do your research.  

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Finally, in order to make the article your own, you have to form an opinion based on the research you have done. Moreover, you have to express your opinion in the article. 
Users will likely land on your page looking for information about short cycling, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make the topic easier to read. Don’t be afraid to share your thoughts, throw in a few jokes or analogies.This will make sure your article doesn’t go unnoticed.

Keep Going!

Walking into a new niche is nothing to be terrified about. Sure, you might struggle with it at first, it might take too much time. But you will improve with time, practice and research. The more you write the more everything will begin making sense.