May 27, 2017

What Kind Jokes do Girls like?

Jokes are a powerful weapon when it comes to winning the girls’ hearts. No matter whom are you chatting with: a couple of girls in a bar or Russian girls dating,if you manage to make them laugh, they’re all yours. In this case, their laugh is like a green light, an official permission to go further. The main thing now is not to mess everything up, so try to watch your tongue and avoid mistakes.

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What Kind Jokes do Girls like? : easkme
What Kind Jokes do Girls like? : easkme

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What to do to make her laugh?

You may think that ladies like some special kind of jokes. But actually, there are no individual techniques or secrets that automatically make you the best joker in town. There are a few simple but very effective tips that can help you understand what jokes women like most.

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First of all, do not tell funny stories. Why? Because girls don’t like jokes prepared in advance. They don’t like anything prepared in advance. A joke is a kind of mathematical problem. To come up with a good one, you need your brain to work properly. All girls are attracted to your intelligence, not to your jokes. And when you blurt out some funny stories occasionally, you only show that you are not smart enough to come up with your own joke.

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We are not saying that you shouldn’t tell anecdotes anymore. You can still do it but unintentionally,no need to tell them after another. Do it rarely and randomly, when you discuss something. But more than two anecdotes per day are already too much. The same applies to any old joke.
Two types of jokes that will help you win the girl’s heart

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Jokes about her

What jokes do girls like? Those that are told in their address! The thing is that most of the ladies think of themselves as of goddesses. Guys are running around them like puppies trying to impress and amuse, doing all they want, and so on. So, how often do you think such behavior helps men get girls’ attention? That's right: not quite often.

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On the other hand, when you crack a joke in the girl’s address, you show that her beauty is not a reason to assume that you're already at her feet. Men who have the guts to tease a girl have a stunning appeal.

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Of course, you must be able to tell the difference between hard a prank light joke. And always stick to the second one. The main thing here is to be sure that she likes it. And in any case, don’t apologize if she seems a bit offended. Start doing it, and she may really take offense. So be confident.

A bit of irony

When you "kindly" joke about how other people behave, you show that you don’t care about what’s happening around. This way you also show the inner power that few men possess. You look much more attractive than those who are concerned about everything that happens around them. For instance, if a girl starts discussing something she doesn’t like, turn it into a joke. So you show that you have a thick skin.

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These are two types of jokes that girls like. Try them, and you’ll see that they work.

Do not laugh

Some say that when laughing, you show the uncertainty that everything goes fine, and your girlfriend is having fun. Others believe that, by laughing, you try to fill the inner void because you think that no one finds your jokes funny. The others say that it just looks silly.

Whether these people are right or not, the fact remains –you can’t laugh at your own jokes.A simple smile would be enough. You won’t believe, but sometimes jokes uttered stonily work much better than those that were told with a smile. But you can learn this only from experience.

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