June 02, 2017

Contentmart: A Place That Fulfils All Your Content Needs

If you have an online business or a blog, you need to put up fresh content on a regular basis. Uploading content regularly is crucial for the success of any business or blog. It is practically impossible for a person to produce high-quality, relevant content on a daily basis methodically. There stands a need to hire a content writer or content writing agency to fulfill your daily content needs. Online Content Marketplace Contentmart can prove be the perfect choice for you. It can help you get content for your blog on a regular basis.

Contentmart: A Place That Fulfils All Your Content Needs : eAskme
Contentmart: A Place That Fulfils All Your Content Needs : eAskme

What is Contentmart?

Contentmart is the largest online marketplace for content creators and buyers. There can be no better place than Contentmart to find affordable writers. It can be hard to hire a professional writer online unless you pay a colossal amount or dedicate many hours to test and find writers. Contentmart is cheaper than other content writing companies or any content writing agency. The popularity of this platform is growing at a very rapid speed. It has accommodated writers from all over the world. It has been a trusted platform since its launch and has a system of secure and automatic billing.

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Contentmart isn’t a perfect platform where everything happens unhindered. Their team is super friendly and supportive.There can be some potholes, but the Contentmart staff is very helpful. They list out ways in which to avoid falling victim to fraudulent writers and clients. Contentmart is one of the best freelance content writing marketplaces in terms of safety. Contentmart takes strict actions against unlawful practices. It can include banning writers if found guilty of copying content. They have the most transparent, user-friendly interface. Unlike other sites, Contentmart pays particular attention to the complaints of clients. Financial transactions are smooth, transparent and legally compliant. Well-established freelance content writers can charge more

Contentmart for Clients

An Indian freelance content writer charges one-tenth times less than a freelance content writer from the west. Hire a content writer from India. You can get world-class, high-quality content for lower cost. Quality content writing is highly valued on this site. You can check out the writer’s previous work before choosing him or her. In case you are not satisfied with the work; you are free to cancel the order. It is beneficial to hire a professional content writer than to have a full roster of full-time staff. A freelancer content writer who is local to your business would not have to worry about traveling, timing, and accommodating other costs into his or her rate. It will lower hiring costs, and the writer saves more. The writers on this platform have a lot of experience with different businesses. Content writing companies and content writing services like Contentmart have freelance content writers with industry experience.

Contentmart has more than 65,000 clients with continuous projects posted every hour. Contentmart has a diverse variety of clients from every part of the globe.

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Indian freelance content writers and creators are fluent in English and are some of the most talented people in the world. Contentmart has a collection of accomplished writers on their site. If you are looking for India-centric content Contentmart is the place to register with as a client. Writers on Contentmart come from various parts of India. They specialize in different sectors. It is easy to hire a professional writer on Contentmart with a specialty in a particular field. One of the unique features of Contentmart is that you can get content in regional Indian languages like Marathi, Hindi, Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Tamil, Malayalam, etc. Hire a content writer from India for work that would appeal to the Indian audience. Contentmart is one of the best platforms for a freelance content writer to earn high revenue without investing a single penny. This very fact attracts many high –end writers to this site.

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Contentmart has built-in testing criteria to accept writers. It cannot be found on other sites. The writer has to be excellent in the language to pass this test. Writers put up samples on their page for potential clients to decide on their writing skills.

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Contentmart handpicks and verifies freelance content writers who have performed consistently well and had ratings more than four stars. A writer has to complete ten orders successfully to achieve this status. Contentmart also allows you to read reviews from previous customers. You can also find out their order submission rates and the number of orders excepted by customers. Metrics like Acceptance Rate %, Order Acceptance ratio, and Repeated Orders is displayed for the client. The profile dashboard gives information about a writer's every activity including earnings.

How to put up an order?

It is easy to put up an order on Contentmart. You are not required to put up credit card or debit card details. You can fill your contentmart wallet and put up an order. You are required to provide requirement leads like language, number of words, quality of the articles, and SEO requirements. After putting up an order, hundreds of freelance content writers would bid on it. Your job post placing an order is to sit back and wait for bids to flood in. Pick a suitable writer from the bids received on your order. To make things utterly hassle-free, Contentmart staff too can help you pick a writer if needed.

Contentmart: A Place That Fulfils All Your Content Needs : eAskme

Contentmart for writers

Contentmart is one of the best platforms available for freelance content writers. If you are a writer with talent and a good grasp of the language you need to work on Contentmart at least once. To become an established freelance content writer on this platform, you need to pass a language test and fill up your details correctly. A fully complete profile with all details and a healthy amount of samples can help a writer secure more orders.

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How to bid?

Once all your details are filled, you can easily bid on the orders available to you. Bid on as many orders you think you are capable of completing. Go to "All Orders" on your dashboard and clink on the bid button on a specific order. You can write a message and state why you should be chosen. Freelance content writers are allowed to put up the amount they are willing to work for, and then they have to wait for the client to contact.

Affiliate Program:

Contentmart also has an affiliate program. It is a very simple system. If you invite a customer to join Contentmart.com, you will get 10% of their order amount.

With Contentmart, you do not have to worry about transactions, safety, and pricing. Contentmart takes care of all your needs.