May 07, 2017

How Not to Write Meaningless Blog Posts for Utter Success

By Sonia
When we talk about bogging, we all want to have a successful blog. There are only two ways to get success one is with proper strategy and other is just by accident. With the awareness of blogging and immense growth of marketing, we have unlimited guides to help to create a content based blog. We always read so much about writing quality content, and how to create a professional blog.

Never Write Meaningless Blog Posts
Never Write Meaningless Blog Posts : eAskme
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How to Write Blog Posts for Success

When I talk about blogging to my students and friends about blogging, I always recommend them to treat their blog like a person. Most of the time bloggers spend reading what to do blogging but they should also know what things you should not to do. Here are few posts for you to refer to know what you should not to do to maintain value and quality of blog.

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Don`t use Crappy post content:

You should remember that when readers subscribe to a blog, they subscribe with an expectation. They probably looking for the quality content, speedy coverage of a topic, content value, insights on the topic or some other reasons. If they see a low quality post, it lowers their expectation and your bog lose the trust

Filler content : Keep it quality filler

Two main form of blog posts are:

  •     Pillar posts: Well-researched posts with deep insight and are very informative. 
  •     Filler posts: Quick blog posts, usually short, precise but informative.  
If you add a to of content daily to your blog then your readers won`t think bad about short posts but if you write hardly then your short posts can move them away from your blog. They have wide range of options and they never want to waste time on something which is not valuable. If you are writing a filler post, maintain the quality by adding insight and unique information.

Don’t publish when you can’t:

It is necessary to maintaining a blog posting schedule. You should never ignore things like personal reasons, writer’s block and other factors. Bloggers usually publish guest posts, press-releases to keep the blog updated.  When you are not posting anything new at that time you can use social networks to spread your posts and talk to your followers.

Use Old blog posts :

Update or rewrite old blog posts to add more value. This help maintain quality of old blog posts.You should also add note that you have updates this post.

Use quick posts:

You can also publish quality quick posts when you are busy.
  •     Round up posts: These are the best type of posts that help you lower down bounce rate, create value, and internal linking to improve SEO. 
  •     Infographics: Infographics itself is a blog post.
  •     Polls, contest, interviews.

Final Words:

This is how you should stop writing meaningless bog posts. If you want to get success in blogging then you should never ignore quality and value of blog. Create high quality posts to build trust among your readers. Do share quest you do when you not writing or publishing ? what type of content is not good for a bog?