April 27, 2015

What is Pillar Articles: Art of Pillar Articles and How To Create It?

Blog is a source of quality content and a blogger is its content marketer. We all know the importance of pillars for a house. Same way articles are the pillar of a blog. Without pillar articles a blog will surely fall. So you should work on creating pillar articles. So lets discuss about the art of pillar articles:
What is Pillar Articles, Art of Pillar Articles and How To Create It: eAskme
What is Pillar Articles, Art of Pillar Articles and How To Create It: eAskme

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Pillar Article means Quality Articles:

Which articles provide quality information to readers, are quality articles. People only visit those blogs again and again which provide valuable information. Without this your blog won`t get good traffic.

We have already said hundreds of times that Quality is much more important than quantity. One single quality article can attract more than million visitors.But what I see is that everyone is running after quantity, which is not good to be successful.

Length of Pillar Articles:

Pillar articles always have details information about the topic and also solve the queries related to that topic, which increase its length. Pillar articles always add value to your blog and readers. An average human can read 200 words in a single minute, which means if your article is less than or around 200 words then it hardly take one minute for anyone to read it, which can be reason of high your bounce rate.

A pillar article are valuable as they bind your readers on the same article for few minutes.

Pillar Articles are Timeless:

Pillar articles are forever articles. Focus on the topics which keep good value even in coming years. Find timeless things on your niche and write pillar articles on such topics.

Pillar Articles are original and unique:

There are so many pillar articles get published everyday. But do all have unique content and quality ? Remember only unique articles keep eyes of people for long time and attract more visitors.

Write Pillar Articles are For Human:

If you just write for search engine then you are lacking the very important part of blogging. We all want visitors and visitors are humans. So you should keep focus on humans while writing articles. When people find your content useful it automatically get good rank in search engines.

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The more people visit your site, chances are that you get more links to your site. We already know that:

More Backlinks = Better Search Engine Ranking.
  • Pillar Articles are Longer  
  • Pillar Articles are Quality
  • Pillar Articles are Unique and Original
  • Pillar Articles are Timeless
  • Pillar Articles are for Human
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Fina Words: 

So now you know what are pillar articles are and what are the benefits of pillar articles. Do share what type of articles you prefer : Pillar or Filler ?
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