November 23, 2017

How I Made $1000 from a Single Post: You can also do it

We all want to make money and blogging is the asset that becomes a money making the machine in the right hands. There are thousands of bloggers who are making more than $1000 every day, still, there are many who are not even able to make one single dollar in the whole day.

When blogging is a perfect way to make money online, then why there is a huge difference between the earning of different bloggers?

The answer is, it totally depends on the mindset, skills, passion, and utilization.

 I have been asked by so many people that How I make huge money even when Adsense pays less in India and other Asian countries.

How I Made $1000 from a Single Post : You can also do : eAskme
How I Made $1000 from a Single Post : You can also do : eAskme

Now let`s stick to the topic. I know you also want to learn that how I have made $1000 from a single post.

Let me tell you everything from the beginning.

If you are a regular reader of my blog then you already know that I write for various businesses also. I review their product and share those review with my readers. This helps me to make good money other than Adsense, Yahoo and Affiliate programs.

How I Made $1000 from a Single Post : You can also do

Now let me tell you all the steps that helped me to make $1000 by publishing a single post on my blog.

1) Email of a Client:

How I Made $1000 from a Single Post : You can also do: eAskme

What is more happening than checking email inbox and find the emails of various clients. Every day I get so many emails from clients and other bloggers. Some offer ads or other monetizing options and some ask for work.

In this screenshot, you will see that I have been approached by a client. The client has also emailed me the product to download and test before writing a review.

To keep the identity and details of project confidential I hide the names of business and product.

2) Installed Product:
I have installed the product on my laptop and used every single option to find out how useful it is. I have also checked the popularity of the brand and since how long they are in business.

I liked the product and decided to talk about the price before start writing about the product.

3) Price Discussion:
I have sent the email to the client telling that I find product really helpful for my readers and Ready to publish the review article on my blog.

I told them that I have researched about the business and its online reputation. I have also mentioned that I know that the price the business will pay me according to the value of the brand.

4) Finalized the price:
The next day, I received an email from the client saying that the business can pay me $1000 for publishing and feature the article on my homepage for at least a week.

The offer was quite compelling. I accepted the offer and published the article.

5) Publish and Get Paid:

It took me 5 hours to write, analyze, publish and share it on my networks with my readers.

Do you know the best quality of a client, you need not to remind that client to pay you. The business has paid me within an hour. 

How I Made $1000 from a Single Post : You can also do : eAskme

So you see that I Made $1000 from a Single Post. This is what you can do also.

Not just that but the client has also shared my post on his network and it helped me gain more traffic.

But do you know that I actually made more than $1000 that day? I earned from affiliate sales and contextual ads also.

The total earning of the day was $1473.

So what you have learned from my experience about making $1000 in just one day with blogging:

1) How to make more money blogging

2) How to analyze the client reputation and ask for the price

3) Quick response to the client and quick result helps in quick payment

4) Build reputation among clients

5) You not just get money but traffic also.

Do you still have any question, feel free to ask me via comments?

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How do you make money online? What do you do to make more money every day?