November 21, 2017

Why You Should Buy Backlinks: Everything You Need to Know

You may be thinking that either I am out of my mind or I am half awake as I am writing about why you should buy backlinks.

There is no doubt that these days everyone tells you not to buy backlinks, still, the truth is that every business including Apple, Micromax, Acer, Casino etc are investing huge money in buying backlinks.

Since the origin of Search engines and SEO, backlinks are known as the most interesting part of any online business. Not just because, business wants to show themselves everywhere, but to rank higher in search engine results and also to improve domain authority of the site.

Why You Should Buy Backlinks Everything You Need to Know : eAskme
 Why You Should Buy Backlinks Everything You Need to Know : eAskme

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If you are new to backlink word, then you may ask what the backlink is? Let me tell you that backlink is known as the link of your site which is published on some other site.

For example: If some other site is showing a link such as and it is directing you to my site that means I have a backlink on that site.

There are two types of backlinks:

  1.  Dofollow
  2.  Nofollow
Dofollow links pass the link juice to the linked site but nofollow never pass the link juice.

In easy words, dofollow backlinks have the big impact in improving the backlink profile and ranking of a site.

Here you can learn more about what are Dofollow and Nofollow links?

Now as you know the basic of backlink, let me tell you why you should buy backlink when everyone else tells you not to buy backlinks.

Why should you buy backlinks?

Reasons Why You Should Buy Backlinks: Everything You Need to Know: eAskme

1) Branding:

As I have already said that quality backlinks will help you improve your ranking in search engines results and also improves your domain authority. When you buy backlink from popular sites, you actually making them bound with your business.

It is not easy for most of the businesses to spend lots of time working on creating backlink just by quality content as it takes time and there is no guarantee that you will be contacted by big brands until you grow yourself that big.

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Buying backlink is an easy way here. Brands invest money buying backlinks, just to make sure that they have the permanent link and link type always stay the same.

2) To boost referral traffic:

If you are a new blogger who is writing quality content and even have good Alexa rank, yet you do not have backlinks from quality sites that means you are losing the opportunity to get high-quality traffic.

There are sites like or that are getting millions of traffic every day. Adding link of such sites, boost your chance to attract at least few thousand visitors every day.

The easy way is to find a quality backlink bulding service where you can buy backlinks from sites with high traffic volume. All you need is to do just invest few cents or dollars every month to keep the link live on those sites and gain more traffic every day.

3) Save time:

There is no doubt that when you try to attract backlinks just with the quality of your blog or content, it takes time. You need to have good marketing skills to improve your brand so that other brands try to connect with you. This takes time.

You can save your time by just buying the high-quality backlinks. All you need to do is just pay and get the backlink. It is the best way to get backlink in less time.

You see the difference.

4) Type of backlinks you get:

Most of the times, when you get backlink just because of your content or popularity, the links are nofollow.

That means you are not getting any good SEO benefit from those links. Too many nofollow backlinks also harm your ranking. It is the best way to gain one way backlink.

But when you pay someone to buy backlinks, you always pay for dofollow link. That means with just a little investment you will get either permanent or monthly paid dofollow links to your site.

5) Generate more leads:

Free backlinks usually attract readers to the page where they find the useful content. You may hardly find any possibility where you are getting a link back just to your sale page or affiliate product.
Even if you are getting the backlink to an affiliate product review, you cannot tell if the visitor is actually ready to buy what you are offering.

But if you are paying a quality site for adding highly targeted anchor tag, then you will have more changes to attract highly targeted visitor who is actually interested in buying what you are offering.

For example: If a visitor interested in buying backlink and on a website he will see an anchor tag saying “Buy backlinks” , then he will surely visit that page, even if it is a sales page. And the page owner will have a highly targeted visitor to his page. Chances of sale are more.

This way you have more chances to generate leads and convert into sales.

Now you see buying backlinks is easy. You just need to find the relevant sites according to your own niche and pay them for highly targeted backlinks to your site.

Remember: There is no doubt that if you are buying backlink like a maniac then you will get penalized by Google. So always do research before buying backlinks. The best way is to publish a guest post on the site and add the backlink in it. Also never overdo it.

Plan your backlink strategy plan your backlink strategy according to your competiton. Buying 3-5 backlink a month which is highly targeted and relevant for your site as well as the site of the publisher is always known as quality backlink.

Here are the sites from where you can buy backlinks.

If you still have any question, feel free to ask me via comments.

What do you think about buying backlinks? Have you ever purchased some backlinks? Do share your experience and suggestions via comments.