July 17, 2017

The Importance of Mobile Users to Small Businesses

As you are putting together your online marketing, it is important to not forget about a growing segment of online users: mobile users. With the rise in popularity of smartphones, more people are now accessing the internet through a device rather than a computer. There are some issues that come up, though, with using a device over a computer. These issues need to be in the forefront of your mind as you work on your online presence.

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The Importance of Mobile Users to Small Businesses : eAskme
The Importance of Mobile Users to Small Businesses : eAskme
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Who Are Mobile Users?

Mobile users make up a large portion of people using the internet. They are younger users. They are people who are on the go and busy, such as middle-aged parents with children. They are business professionals. As you can see, this group is diverse.

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The chances are very good that at least some portion of your target market is mobile users. So, you need to make sure you are reaching them and making it easy for them to use your website. If you fail to do this, you may be missing out on potential earnings.

Why Does Mobile Present an Issue?

Mobile devices are smaller and have different usability than computers. This presents problems when mobile users access websites designed for computer users. A website built to basic computer configurations may be difficult to navigate on a mobile device because of the limited screen space. In addition, clicking on links or other items with a finger is not as precise as using a mouse, which creates further issues.

How Are the Problems Solved?

In the early days of trying to reach mobile users, many companies created two websites: one for computer users and one for mobile users. This, obviously, was a hassle because it meant maintaining two websites. If you made a change, you had to do it twice.

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Luckily, there is now the option to create a website that adjusts to the user. You only need one website because it will detect on its own whether the user is on a computer or on a mobile device and adjust accordingly. Most website builder options include this in your website creation.

How Do Mobile Sites Look?

Mobile-targeted websites feature screens sizes that adjust to fit the small mobile screen sizes. This allows the user to see the whole website without having to scroll left or right. It basically shrinks it down and reorganizes to allow for easier viewing.

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Mobile sites also tend to be less detailed than the computer sites. This allows for easier clicking on links and other items. It also makes it fit better on the mobile screen. In addition, because mobile devices may not run as fast as a computer or have as good internet service, mobile sites are kept simpler to load quickly and prevent crashes or issues with freezing up.

How Are Mobile Sites Beneficial?

Every business should have a website that works for mobile users. They are a nice sized market segment now, and they are only growing. If you fail to cater to mobile users, then you are going to lose out on reaching all these people. It could have a serious effect on your bottom line.

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By having a mobile site, you are ensuring that everyone who visits your website can get information and easily use your site. People expect this. They don’t want to have to try to navigate a site that is confusing or difficult to use. There are too many other options out there, so they will simply leave if they see your site isn't catering to mobile users.

When it comes to creating your small business website, you have to think about how people are accessing the internet. If you forget about mobile users, you will see the effects. Making sure your website works for any user regardless of what device they are using can help you to maintain your hold on the market.