February 20, 2020

7 Top Video Marketing Strategies for Business Promotion in 2024

Digital marketing has changed significantly over the last few years. Today, sharing meaningful and informative content is not enough. It counts when you can make the content go viral.

The same rule holds true in video marketing, which is one of the top avenues that SEO and digital marketing experts rely on.

Even though going viral should never be the only objective of a video marketing campaign, the term ‘viral' seems to have taken off this year.

7 Top Video Marketing Strategies for Business Promotion in 2024: eAskme
7 Top Video Marketing Strategies for Business Promotion in 2024: eAskme
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If you look at the stats, presented by some of the top marketing analysts, you will know that video marketing may account for about 70 percent of the consumer traffic in the coming year.

In this, mobile video ads may experience growth five times faster over PC, and the landing page videos may experience an 800% growth rate.

Therefore, in light of the current and upcoming trends, every business should try video marketing to boost overall marketing efforts.

Here, we will discuss some of the expert tips to help you attain this goal by creating some compelling and actionable videos online.

2024 best video marketing practices:

1. Forget sales, center around the story

Generic promotional content and ads are rampant on the web, and they often interfere with people's ease and comfort. Most new-age customers are annoyed by elements such as pop-up ads, banner ads and so on.

Don't let your brand be simply one among those.

To hold the users' attention, you need to focus on making videos that center around an interesting story. Deviating from the conventional sales pitch style of promotion is a great tactic.

The same rules also apply to written content marketing as something centering around pure sales may get disliked or rejected by the audience.

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Focus on the value of what you offer to the customers. Get the most out of the emotive impacts of a video, which stands to appeal to the desires and needs of the consumers.

If you are worried about losing leads by doing it this way, you can always place relevant and strategic call to action alongside the tracked URL towards the end of the video.

2. Don’t be dull, light it up

The worst thing a marketer can do is publish a boring video, filled with only drab info. Videos that are lackluster won't spread beyond the neediest of the audience.

The new age customers want something to laugh at or get excited about or be motivated by.

Insist on humor or something that will enlighten the users, or pull them out of their realities and help them relax. Studies have shown that humor works the best with marketing videos.

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Marketers doubt how B2B customers handle humor.

However, it is evident that there are no such constraints online, and you need not have to emulate the firm and thoroughly professional tone while scripting the video. Try to stand out and take chances by being funny and entertaining.

3. Create the best 10 seconds

Studies show that almost half of the viewers simply click away from a video within 10 seconds. So, it is ideal to make your message as short and to the point as possible. Stick to the thread of the tale and invite expectations from that outset in the first 5 to 10 seconds to be successful.

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You can now Make Web Video - 3d teasers easily by using the advanced tools. On doing it right, you can hook the attention of the viewers and hold them back.

The audience should get that message clearly in the first few seconds itself, and they must know that something funny or interesting is about to pop up on the screen.

4. Try live video streaming

Live video streaming is now an essential tool to build relevant communities and invite more audience engagement. It is also an ideal way to interact with the followers and fans.

If a business has something to offer such as a new product or service, it is ideal to schedule a live video stream to showcase the launch of the same.

Live interviews and events have also proved to be compelling video content.

5. Hire professional video creators

On the leading video platforms like YouTube, you can find many professional video content creators who do expert story boarding and scripting.

With their years of experience and knowledge of the needs of the modern audience, they can create stunning videos for you at relatively lower cost. They may also be able to help find the right actors and influencers for you and do the video capturing and editing.

6. Optimize for search engines

With the implementation of the right strategies, you can take your videos to masses through search engines.

The primary thing you can do to gain the maximum SEO value from a video before sharing through any social platforms is to host it on your own domain. It is also vital to enable embedding on the video, which will help to increase the likelihood of receiving relevant marketing links.

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It is also necessary to make video sitemaps available. While making videos for SEO, descriptions also play vital as they allow Google crawlers to make sense of your video and list it appropriately. Make sure to add relevant tags with appropriate keywords, and give unique titles to each of your videos.

7. Distribute videos

Do not just stop at creating beautiful videos. You have to distribute it through the right channels and get it displayed at the places where it matters.

There are plenty of video sharing channels apart from YouTube and Facebook that are appropriate for specific niches. You need to identify and shortlist the best ones that can work the best for you.

Say for examples, if you are a production house or media agency, then specific video sharing platforms such as Vimeo and Dailymotion can be ideal for you.


Above all these, you also should keep in mind that video marketing is a constantly changing scenario, and you should always be up-to-date with the trends to ensure acceptance.

Everything from product release to customer testimonials is done through video channels now, and the primary responsibility of video marketers is to make your videos unique and enthralling to give the best experience to the target group.