September 27, 2017

3 Branding Mistakes That Will Make You Or Break You

By Sona Mathews

Keeping Up With The Joneses Technologically

When it comes to online branding, you’ve got to stay ahead of the curve.
Make it as cost-effectively as possible. You’re going to want the latest tech solutions and informed branding solutions.
To that end, three things worth considering in terms of branding include SEO, responsive website design, and SMO—but be careful to do them right, or they could undermine you.
3 Branding Mistakes That Will Make You Or Break You: eAskme
3 Branding Mistakes That Will Make You Or Break You: eAskme

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SEO: Search Engine Optimization

SEO is an umbrella term that refers to Search Engine Optimization and is known to be ROI-rich when properly applied.
There are several ways SEO is applied.
Firstly, content must be created, including keywords likely to be found by a search engine. Next, you’ll need to research to find such keywords.
There are many reasons those looking to affect SEO solutions design to the professionals.

One of those reasons is determining the most effective keyword assignment and then designing content around those keywords.
But all that being said, keywords represent only one portion of SEO branding strategy.
Additionally, the content which pertains to your brand must be useful.
It must have data that clients can put into practice or at least lead them toward the profitability they seek.
Finally, that content must be presented in digestible chunks if you’ve got videos and/or images that increase the visibility of designed content.
Your SEO mustn’t be too “over-the-top,” however, or it will end up negatively impacting your brand.
When you’re using techniques like this, you’re walking a tightrope.
The potentiality is brand expansion, but improperly applied, this measure could negatively impact your brand.

Responsive Website Design

Today, everyone is mobile. Everyone is overcoming the office, from smartphones to laptops to tablets to the IoT (IoT) and BYOD (Bring Your Device) solutions facilitated by the cloud.
However, it’s not just about your infrastructure; it’s about that of your clientele.
They don’t only want responsive website design; they demand it.

 What you’re going to need to achieve it is to find an agent who understands this trend and has specifically designed solutions around providing the proper responsiveness for all devices.
This must be automatic, and it must be usable—there’s no use having a “responsive” website if it’s too slow.

As you go about finding a web design agency, you might check out, purveyors of responsive design—according to the site: “Responsive design is a web design approach where a website can respond to a user’s device, screen size and orientation in real time…whether they’re using a computer or mobile device to access the website.”

SMO: Social Media Optimization

Technically, SMO, or Social Media Optimization, can be categorized under SEO, which is the overall effect of a worthy SMO campaign.
However, SMO has its peculiarities which separate it from the mainstream of SEO techniques. Just check out these five social media campaigns for reference.

When it comes to social media, you’ve got to be relevant, you’ve got to be entertaining, you’ve got to be shareable, you’ve got to be authentic, and you’ve got to be everywhere.
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Minds, Gab, Google+--wherever there is a popular or burgeoning social media site, your campaign needs a presence.

This again will often require a concerted effort over a simplified approach, meaning you’ll be best served to work with a professional branding agency of some caliber.

Optimizing Your Brand

A threefold approach including SEO, SMO, and responsive website design will demonstrate that your brand is top-quality and nigh-omnipresent.
But you’ve got to apply them correctly—there’s little more damaging than such a campaign that is poorly executed.

Using professional solutions can help you maximize impact and minimize error.

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