February 08, 2018

Google AdWords Has Stricter Rules for Ticket Resellers

Do you make money selling tickets? Have you ever used Google Adwords to promote your ticket selling business? From now, Google Adwords has changed some rules and implementing new stricter rules on the advertisers who are reselling the event tickets.

Google AdWords Has Stricter Rules for Ticket Resellers: eAskme
Google AdWords Has Stricter Rules for Ticket Resellers: eAskme
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Why new Google Adwords rules for ticket resellers?

The reason why Google is implementing sticker rules for ticket resellers is that ticket resellers try to blind the user about the cost and fees. Reseller also sometimes try to confuse the user so that a common user will not know if he is buying from the direct seller or any third party.

Google wants to make it clear that you should explain if you are associated with an official seller or not.

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Google wants to increase transparency in ticket reselling business. Google want that you should inform the visitor about the price of the ticket and total cost.

How to be certified ticket seller by Google Adwords?

  • If you are the official ticket seller.
  • Indicate that you are a secondary party of the reseller.
  • Indicate that you are selling tickets for more than the actual value.
  • Disclose the original value of the ticket.
  • Show the breakdown of cost.
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How good is this new policy?

This is actually a good policy. It makes sure that no one can play any filthy game in the name of ticket selling business. Things will be more clear to a user. This will make sure that a user will know every detail about the ticket and reseller. This will be a good thing for Adwords only.