April 30, 2020

The 25 Most Expensive Adwords Keywords of 2024 (Why they are so $$$ Expensive?)

Do you know, How Google makes the maximum money?

Well, it`s Google Adwords.

You may find it hard to believe because on Google Adwords client`s are spending micropayments every time a potential user clicks on the ad.

Then how Google is making maximum money from Google Adwords?

The answer is straightforward. Google is not a small thing. There are millions of businesses or companies that are spending money to make the potential customer land on their page.

When a user clicks on the Google ads, google earns money from the client.

The 25 Most Expensive Adwords Keywords of 2024 (Why they are so $$$ Expensive?): eAskme
The 25 Most Expensive Adwords Keywords of 2024 (Why they are so $$$ Expensive?): eAskme
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It is the number of clients that Google Adwords has to help Google to make millions every day.
You may already know that the average CPC of all industries is hardly over $2.

There are hundreds of thousands of searches that happen on Google every day and as well as the clicks. These help to add billions to Google`s account.

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If you give a close look at CPC of various industries, then you will quickly find out that there are industries which cannot enjoy such lower CPC and they have to bid at a high rate to place ads with Google Adwords.

Some keywords cost $50 or sometimes even $100/click. Long-tail keywords can cost twice that amount.

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But there is nothing sad about it as it is only for those businesses that can easily afford such high ad cost because of the long term value to potential buyers.

For example, the services and products with a very high price tag, usually go for most expensive keywords in Google Adwords.

Now, as you know the system, let me share the top 25 most expensive keywords in Google Adwords.

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Now you see the most expensive keywords are:
  1. Google AdWords: Rate $30.06/Click
  2. Hair Transplant: Rate $31.37/Click
  3. Banking: Rate $31.43/Click
  4. Online Gambling: Rate $32.84/Click
  5. Mortgages: Rate $36.76/Click
  6. Pest Control: Rate $38.84/Click
  7. Termites: Rate $38.88/Click
  8. Plumber: Rate $39.19/Click
  9. Loans: Rate $40.69/Click
  10. Medical Needs: Rate $40.73/Click
  11. Business Software: Rate $41.12/Click
  12. HVAC: Rate $41.24/Click
  13. Timeshare: Rate $42.13/Click
  14. Psychic: Rate $43.78/Click
  15. Rehab: Rate $46.14/Click
  16. Medical Coding Services: Rate $46.84/Click
  17. Degree: Rate $47.36/Click
  18. Cleanup & Restoration Services: Rate $47.61/Click
  19. Cash Services & Payday Loans: Rate $48.18/Click
  20. Insurance: Rate $48.41/Click
  21. Asset Management: Rate $49.86/Click
  22. Lawyer: Rate $54.86/Click
  23. Casino: Rate $55.48/Click
  24. Bail Bonds: Rate $58.48/Click
  25. Business Services: Rate $58.64/Click
So you see these are the 25 Most Expensive Google Keywords of 2024.

Now let`s see the reason why are these keywords so expensive?

1) Lifetime value of Customer or High New customer value

You will find the high CPC rate because of the lifetime value of the potential customer or the high new customer value.

There are niches where the ROI is high, and so does the cost of product and service.

Insurance and Business services are the categories where you will see high CPC and high conversion rates.

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Big businesses can easily invest in highly expensive keywords.

But what if you are running a small business?

Small business owners always focus on optimizing keywords with low CPC to get maximum profit.

Their strategy includes:

  • Geotargeting

  • Call tracking

  • Landing pages and Emotional ads

  • Media campaigns

2) Urgent issues that need fast resolution:

You will also find the super expensive keywords for the categories where people are desperate to buy services or products.

For example, termites, rehab, bail bonds etc. are the issues where buyers need fast resolution and can even pay the significant amount.

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So not you know about the most expensive Google Adwords keywords of 2024.

Do share how you plan to optimize your keywords? What is the best keyword strategy you use? How do you find the most profitable keywords?

If you still have any question, feel free to ask me via comments.

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