March 09, 2020

Exciting New Web Design Trends in 2024

By Sona Mathews
The creative flair of the world’s finest web designers is alive and well in 2024. Whether it’s pomp and ceremony, or swing and sophistication – designers are going full throttle. To the untrained eye, this smorgasbord of visualization, nuance, and polyphonous activity is nothing less than utterly invigorating.

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It’s a kaleidoscope of audio-visual elements coming together to smother the senses like a plump strawberry being dunked in a bed of delicious molten chocolate.

We relish these dazzling new ideas; we incorporate them into our cultural zeitgeist and we ultimately tailor our own tastes to these trendsetting entities.

Exciting New Web Design Trends in 2024: eAskme
Exciting New Web Design Trends in 2024: eAskme

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Humankind has come a long way since its troglodyte days. What was the epitome of artistic creativity eons ago – scribblings on cave walls – has gradually given way to a virtual landscape where the proverbial sky is the limit.

We are no longer confined to our quarters or drawing boards; web design encompasses a veritable labyrinth of possibilities.

Three Savvy Tech and Design Tools

We may fight hard against the new design elements making their rounds, yet resistance is futile. Rather than sideline new ideas, a better option is to embrace them alongside what exists to see how striking a contrast we can create.

Indeed, it is this very innovation that leads to the change so necessary for growth and development.

Exciting New Web Design Trends in 2024: eAskme
 Broken Grid Layout – Source: SecretStache

Perhaps Alibaba founder and multibillionaire, Jack Ma said it best: ‘Embrace change when things are going well, not when they are going badly.’

If nothing else, we should be receptive to new ideas, new looks, and new forms of engagement with visual multimedia. The world’s foremost experts in web design realized that ultimately, the customer must interact with the interface for it to be effective.

…The customer experience is paramount in web design…

Some of the new trends that are making their way to market are broken grid layouts. This format of web design bucks the trend whereby each image, block, header, or design element is affixed to a structured and logical pattern that we have become accustomed to.

By allowing for convergence and overlaps of multimedia content – without the chaos– this type of juxtaposition blends perfectly to create an astonishing web design that is surprisingly appealing.

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To achieve success with a broken grid layout, layering must confuse the concept of a grid to remove any structural element that our minds have become accustomed to.

The inclusion of accent elements is imperative, as is parallax scrolling animation. These layer techniques dissolve the vertical element of the grid, while allowing the user to focus wholly on the content. It must be stated that animation is equally important in grid destruction.

When you allow moving elements to roam about a grid format, they effectively blur those hard lines that we have become used to.

These visual elements generate the engagement and immersion that is so necessary in website design.

Another element that is being phased out of many new website designs is whitespace. The concept itself is genius.

Best Design trends

Some web designers prefer more white space between elements to distinguish certain components from the background, or one another.

Other web designers have opted to remove whitespace altogether and fill the user interface with engaging elements designed to entice action.

A Contrarian Perspective: Grid-like Formats Are Just as Popular Today

A Contrarian Perspective: Grid-like Formats Are Just as Popular Today: eAskme

Mainstream web designers are not averse to the grid structure. One of the most exciting grid-like web designs is that of 888 online casino.

This online casino recently revamped its look and feel to heighten its immersive effect with players.

It did so by working cleverly with saturated colors – green, gold, white and black – to give the impression of opulence, majesty, and interactivity.

There is also a classic element at play here which adds to the charm and sophistication of the overall experience.

How to Start a Web Design Project

The lady in the image is reminiscent of those Coca-Cola ladies from yesteryear, which harkens back to a time that people tend to think fondly of.

It has that timeless quality about it which fuses the old and the new into a captivating ensemble.

Exciting New Web Design Trends in 2024: eAskme

Website design is clearly geared towards getting the customer to click as few buttons as possible to achieve the pre-stated objective of the web design overhaul. In other words, click those buttons and get invested before you lose interest and abscond.

In the case of 888casino online, players are treated to a lavish selection of online casino games which they can simply run their mouse over and click the ‘play’or ‘demo’ button accordingly.

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Website design must be matched in equal measure by website functionality. In the case of this online casino, visitors were required to register an account online before practicing any games in demo mode.

Now, the highly responsive design offers click and play functionality – no download or registration needed. Web design and web functionality go hand in hand.

Web Design Moves in Tandom with Technology

Exciting New Web Design Trends in 2024: eAskme

Nothing changes faster than the tools and resources we use in the digital landscape. Every year is a quantum leap ahead of the previous one, and this has far-reaching implications on web design.

Despite all this, the overarching challenges remain user-friendliness, adaptability, functionality, and aesthetics.

During 2017, we witnessed mobile overtaking traditional desktop as the go-to platform of choice for users. While desktops remain significant, their importance is diminishing as mobile functionality increases.

How to Design a Layout for Blogspot

There are several important web design trends that we are seeing in 2024, including bold and adventurous typography, mobile functionality, plenty of dynamic gradients, customized illustrations, unique color schemes, and various types of particle backgrounds.

Exciting New Web Design Trends in 2024: eAskme

Shadows and color have been used since time immemorial in design elements. However, web designers are now using shadow in many novel ways. We are seeing more in-depth pictures than ever before, and the use of shadows is contributing towards the versatility of different types of website design.

Along with rich saturated color schemes, people and web designers have now plucked up the courage to venture beyond the proverbial ‘safe’ colors we have been accustomed to.

Now, we are seeing supersaturated colors, hard angles, rough edges, clashing colors, and plenty of surprises in the way we use contrasts.

JavaScript is also being used to great effect in creating particle-style backgrounds. By allowing for movement as part of the background, this presents an altogether new look and feel for a user interface.

The Importance of Artwork in Web Design

The Importance of Artwork in Web Design: eAskme
No matter which way you slice it, or dice it, web design is about artistry.

And that means that images and shapes and borders are going to play a pivotal role in branding, marketing, and the user interface.

The correct selection of an image is challenging. Images can be acquired through professional photographers, or through a digital media options.

Illustrators are playing an increasingly important role in the artwork that is being selected.

It may be a trend with a cyclical nature, or it may be unique to specific companies like Dropbox.

Exciting New Web Design Trends in 2024: eAskme

Either way, there is a resurgence of old ideas and people are excited about what they are seeing. These types of redesigns with illustrations typically merge abstract and real-life elements for a fully immersive juxtaposition.

Once again, convention is bucked, and new website design concepts are making their way to market.

On the extreme end of the spectrum, is a web design concept known as brutalism. This upends convention and simply presents a jarring image that captivates user’s attention for whatever reasons. It is not optimized according to generally accepted standards; it uses shock effect to generate results.

As you can imagine, we have not even scratched the surface of exciting new web design trends in 2024, but we have at least tickled it!

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