April 13, 2019

How to Design an Effective Logo in 2024?

Surprisingly, a small icon of a logo is one of the most effective ways to promote a brand. A competent logo design has become a guarantee of quality and success of the brand.
You probably have mused about how world-known brands such as Apple, McDonald's, Coca-Cola, Adidas, Nike, gained international fame and become leaders (sometimes even monopolists) in their markets… Of course, quality of their products played a role, but above all, the success lies in competent branding and marketing, where correctly designed logo is a must
How to Design an Effective Logo in 2024?: eAskme
How to Design an Effective Logo in 2024?: eAskme

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Moreover, well-designed logo very rapidly full-fledged brand, which consequently promotes sales, gains recognition and fame. 
A logo becomes not only a trademark of the company, but also a part of their identity.

How to Design an Effective Logo in 2024?


Crello logo maker online which is known as the wizard program is ideal for creating logos. You can use the software for free, but in this case, you get a version limited to five design downloads per month, except for some features. The process of creating a logo is straightforward. The software uses an intuitive and fast drag-and-drop system.


Logodesign.Net is a powerful online logo maker that supports SMEs by helping brand owners and marketers create flawless brand design identities. Backed by the power of the latest technology, the tool uses artificial intelligence to maintain its logos library and helps connect brands with the best logo designs.
The smooth interface allows you to create DIY logo designs with no prior graphic design knowledge necessary. In the customization studio, you can edit the design, add your company name, include a tagline, and make all sorts of changes to bring it closer to what your brand is all about.  Every logo file is available in vector format so your logo can be resized without damaging its image quality.
In the end, you receive a killer brand logo that is unique, professional, and gorgeous.  

Who Needs a Logo and How Does it increase Brand’s Awareness and generate Profit?

Regardless of the size of a company, the logo is an integral part of its corporate identity.

It expresses the brand, attracts attention of the audience, and guarantees the quality and reliability of the product, increasing the level of perception and brand’s memorability.

Who Needs a Logo and How Does it increase Brand’s Awareness and generate Profit?: eAskme
An effective logo is an undeniable advantage.

As a rule, it got developed once and used throughout the life of a brand (while it got sometimes re-branded, as a rule, the concept remains the same).

So what are the benefits of a logo?

  • Generating of a positive image in the eyes of consumers. Logo is a litmus test that helps your customers, partners and investors to assess the seriousness of your intentions and ambitions.
  • Increasing the level of awareness of a company. Logo is a unique tool for promotion: the company with a great logo becomes interesting to the public and attracts more attention.
  • Improving the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. Logos are placed everywhere: on banners, display cases, stands…they are emblems of companies, and they speak about the companies better than a thousand words.
Since the professional and competent logo design ensures the continued success of your company, let’s pass to the main points you should consider when designing a logo in 2022.

Make Your Logo Meaningful

Make Your Logo Meaningful: Design effective logo: eAskmeEvery good logo has some history behind.

An effective logo is not just a pretty picture, so you shouldn’t choose the images from the directories.

To create a logo, you have to spend time learning company culture, specifics of its products and business vision inherent to its management.

The resultant logo should reflect the philosophy and main values of the company.
A bright example here is the Amazon logo.

Amazon Logo: How to Design an Effective Logo in 2023: eAskme

Look: the arrow in the logo symbolizes a) the Amazon’s width range, i.e. A to Z products line; b) it looks like a pretty smile of a satisfied customer.

Try to Evoke Emotions

Evoke Emotions: How to Design an Effective Logo in 2023: eAskme

Your consumers should feel emotions when looking at the logo of your company. What’s more important – the feeling caused by the emblem of a company must comply with its overall image.
The beautiful example is Disney’s logo, which causes feeling of optimism and joy.

Fun and playful typography works great for a studio that produces cartoons for children, but the use of a similar style in the logo of a company developing a platform for online sales is not the best choice.
You should understand the psychology of color and predict the effect that typography will have on the perception of the logo.

For example, green is usually associated with growth, health and environmental performance. Looking at it, people relax and feel freshness. On the other hand, red means danger and provokes tension.
A similar situation exists with fonts: Helvetica, Comic Sans, and Garamond cause different emotions:
  • Serif fonts, such as Garamond, bring the ideas of respect and tradition, where the conservative approach is important (for example, a logo of the university or a news agency).
  • Sans serif fonts like Helvetica look easy and modern, which means that they could be used successfully for technology projects, computer and media companies.
  • Casual fonts like Comic Sans are excellent for companies of the entertainment industry (for example, this font will look organic in the logo of a toy manufacturer).
Understanding of the psychology of colors and fonts is crucial for creation of a profitable logo in 2022.

Uniqueness and Awareness

A good logo attracts attention, it is easy to remember and easy to learn. It should be so recognizable that people who had seen him once would easily remember the image.

Uniqueness and Awareness: How to Design an Effective Logo in 2023: eAskme
The simplest way to check the awareness of a logo is to show it to your friend or relative and to ask him to describe it in words a week later.

It is likely that the most memorable parts would be those you never expect to be.

If a person got confused when seeing the logo, it is a sure sign that you need to move in another direction.

Test of Time

At the very beginning, you should think about how your brand’s logo will look like in two, ten, or twenty years.

That is why designers should avoid using too mush elements of short-term trends, such as ultra-thin fonts or flat shadows.

Simplicity is a true tend of future, it’s much better than complex solutions.
The best you can do here is not to rush to introduce your logo to the public. It’s quite hard to predict how an attraction of a logo will change in future.

Create a logo and wait a few weeks: if it still looks good, it can be shown to the public.

Build with patience: How to Design an Effective Logo in 2023: eAskme
The magnificent example is Apple’s logo, a simple form of which allows it to survive for many years and remain relevant.

The first prototype was quite different from the common concept; it was very difficult and had no chances to not pass the test of time.

Low resolution test

Another way to check the awareness of a logo is to compress it to a small size. A good logo can be easily recognized at a glance, even if it is very tiny.

This approach also allows us to understand whether it’s too overloaded with unnecessary details.
All logos above have the dimensions of 16 by 16 pixels.

At the same time McDonalds, Nike, WWF, and Twitter logos are very easy to recognize, while GE and Starbucks do not look so obvious.

Black and White

When starting to create of a new logo, try to develop it in black and white.

Having only two colors, you’ll be forced to work on the details that will make the logo recognizable only by form and fonts.

A good logo is recognizable by its outlines.
The other advantage of black and white logos is that they are easy to use in different situations and with any background.
The above tips will help you to create not just beautiful, but also an effective logo. Definitely, you can succeed with a complex logo design, but still it’s necessary to understand the cons of such a decision. Before starting work on a new logo, try to answer yourself whether it will match with the criteria described above. Don’t stop asking questions, as this is what will allow you to survive in the extremely competitive design market.
Victoria Bradberry is a writer, blogger and designer, currently working on DesignContest – a website that holds logo design contests. She’s found of new trends, especially when it comes to web design. Victoria is someone who knows better how to create successful design with minimum efforts.
  • Have you ever designed a logo?
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  • What do you think about the logo of any brand?
If you still have any question, Feel free to ask me via comments.

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