September 20, 2018

You Can Do These 6 Jobs — and Make Good Money — from Home

Think you’ve got the work-at-home game all figured out? Think again. There are far more ways than you might imagine to make real money from the comfort of your own home — whether you’ve got a formal home office setup, a studio shed out back, or a “desk” wherever your laptop and smartphone happen to be at the moment. These six work-at-home business opportunities are proof positive.

You Can Do These 6 Jobs — and Make Good Money — from Home: eAskme
You Can Do These 6 Jobs — and Make Good Money — from Home: eAskme

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1. Graphic Design Specialist

Graphic design is a low-overhead profession that requires neither artistic genius nor super-expensive software. (To be fair, the latter was truer 15 or 20 years ago.) And, thanks to logo design platforms and freelance marketplaces, it’s never been easier to find work as a graphic designer.

2. Fundraising Distributor

Fundraising distributors raise funds for worthy causes and organizations in their home communities and earn real money doing it. According to ABC Fundraising, fundraising distributors who work full-time from home can earn as much as $5,000 per month. If you have other home-based gigs, that’s fine: many distributors work part-time, too.

3. Certified Tax Preparer

The good news: contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to spend years in accounting school to become a certified tax preparer.

The bad news: certified tax preparers earn far less than full-fledged accountants, and their work tends to be seasonal.

Still, if you have a head for rules and a patient heart, this is a great business idea that can substantially supplement your income. According to the career experts at, certified tax preparers earn an average of $44,000 per year, mostly in the three months prior to tax time. You’ll need to dial back on your other professional obligations during tax season, of course.

4. Virtual Assistant

If you’re friendly, well-organized, and willing to work odd hours, consider working as a virtual assistant on a part-time or full-time basis. Virtual assistants with high-flying clients — executives, well-paid professionals, even celebrities — can earn substantial income, and it’s quite easy to scale if you’re willing to manage “assistant assistants.” Pro tip: get a comfortable headset before getting started.

5. Copywriting and Editing

Got a way with words? Freelance copywriters and editors are always in demand. Don’t worry about going back to school for an English, journalism, or marketing degree; your words will quite literally speak for themselves, or not. This is another easy operation to scale, especially for writers keen to graduate to editing.

6. Translation Specialist

Despite relentless improvements in AI-assisted translation software and real-time translation apps, there’s still a vibrant market for interpreters and translators, according to the experts at the Bureau of Labor Statistics.
The catch: you have to be fluent, or at least conversationally functional, in a second language. Your negotiating power may actually be greater if you have command of one or more languages not widely spoken in the United States — for instance, indigenous Central American tongues.

What’s Your Big Home-Based Business Idea?

Don’t see your ideal at-home business idea on this list? Don’t worry; this is just the tip of the iceberg. Creative entrepreneurs willing to make their own luck can choose from dozens of viable and potentially lucrative home-based business concepts.

Who knows? Maybe your fledgling home business will one day outgrow its domestic origins. There’s just one way to find one — so get working!