May 15, 2019

Children In Poverty All Over The World

Quick fact: Children account for almost half of the world’s poverty. If you are asking yourself how is that worse than adults being poor, read on.

Poverty can be the cause of permanent damage.

A lack of material possession can hamper growth. In time this will cause long and short-term health problems.

Children In Poverty All Over The World: eAskme
Children In Poverty All Over The World: eAskme

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Child poverty is the formation of the cycle of deprivation. Hence, if we help eradicate it, this means eradication of poverty at its root.

There are a number of things relatively poor children look for such as- ‘do my essay for cheap’, ‘school/ college accessories for cheap’, etc

Irony is that some people are fasting to stay fit and others do not have anything to survive.

Following are some facts about the problem. These issues are also witnessed all over the world.

Deprivation of basic rights

As mentioned before, poverty is not only lack of money.

For a child, it means being deprived of education, water, shelter, etc. According to statistical research, 2 in every 3 children in a sub-Saharan region are deprived of two or more of these aspects. 

Insufficient Social Protection programs

Such programs are crafted to reduce penury and vulnerability. Only one-third of the poor (globally) have had the opportunity to access these programs.

It means that we, as communities, are yet to ensure better access when needed.

Even rich countries are poor

UNICEF world’s one of the best statements “Child penury is a universal challenge that requires a global response”.

It has also been found out that every 1 in 4 infants even within rich countries are born in poor families.

Insufficient data collection

The first step towards eradication is data collection and analysis. One of the biggest difficulties we face is insufficient data collection.

It is either not collected or it doesn’t take place periodically, which leads to the questions to be unanswered.

Only half of the world's countries follow up with the right process.

The other half has been slacking behind. One of our main aims needs to be data collection done by the right methods.

We are in a better place

Considered all above, we have seen progress globally.

At the same time, we yet have a long way to go. We have officially achieved our first Millennium Development goal between 1990 and 2012 in some particular areas.

To put it in numbers:

  1. 385 million children face this issue.
  2. UNICEF claims 22,000 infants die daily because of penury.
  3. Every year 3.1 million children die precisely because of insufficient nutrition.
  4. Globally, 805 million people have insufficient food to eat.
Even though we have come a long way, we have longer to go. What we could do is set our indifference aside and work towards this global issue.

There is no other substantial problem, which needs to be paid attention to.

The right action needs to be taken, and there is no better time than starting right now.

If each one of us does our part to create awareness, donate and be persistent in writing better policies, we can make a change. 

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