May 15, 2019

"Smart" Watches, a World of New Opportunities to Explore

Gone are the times in which the clocks served only to mark the time.

Currently these devices attached to the wrist and equipped with sophisticated technologies can become real computers, with infinite business possibilities, but still to be explored.

Its irruption in the market has not come from the hand of traditional watchmakers like Seiko, Rolex, etc. But from technological companies, such as Samsung, Sony or Qualcomm, that, dragged by the fever in sales of mobile phones, now seek to break new devices "wearable".

"Smart" Watches, a World of New Opportunities to Explore: eAskme
"Smart" Watches, a World of New Opportunities to Explore: eAskme

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According to Deloitte, sales of "smart" watches in 2020 could reach two million units, for a total economic value of 287 million euros.

Some experts even predict that this latest generation watch could become the star gift next Christmas.

So far, the application creation environments for these devices, initially designed as an extension of mobile phones, with features such as helping to display user messages or measure their biological parameters, are still very closed without a standard of market.

However, this is expected to change soon.

With the arrival of the so-called "Android Wear" operating system, from Google, as is expected soon, with an exclusive software development platform for these watches in a standardized way, the popularization of these devices could be made more dynamic.

According to experts, the "intelligent" use of the infinite data generated by this technology, as has happened with mobile phones, opens up great business opportunities in the most varied areas, such as health, safety, sports, etc.

The commercial sector also has a very powerful tool in these watches, because they allow the virtual transfer of the store to the wrist of the people.

A gold mine for advertisers

Advertisers do not want to miss this train of opportunities and work intensely on projects with which to revolutionize even more the already played advertising cortege, which has nothing to do with what has been historically.

Now the ads are not limited to encouraging the customer to approach the storefront, but mobile devices are taking the same store to the user's wrist so you can enjoy their offers while walking on the street or traveling on the bus.

The watch, like the mobile phone, also allows the offer to jump on the screen at the same moment in which the potential buyer goes through the trade that advertises a product.

From the screen, the potential customer naturally receives all kinds of offers: pills against depression, free dental cleaning, discounts on shirts, haircut at half price, etc.

Companies like IBM have been developing applications for some time with this objective of virtually moving the store to the screen of the mobile device.

Mobile phones are more susceptible to being left behind in any place, and more indiscreet its use in meetings, besides being more uncomfortable to wear when practicing sports.

Practicality while being used in full mobility activities is the reason why this segment is predicted to continue to grow in the future.

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