August 23, 2019

Top Tools To Keep In Your Pickup

Cars are an incredible invention. However, when they break down, you know that you are in for a frustrating day.

Having the correct tools can make all of the difference when it comes to

You never know when you are going to find yourself in a stranded position, where you need some tools to fix your car.

Top Tools To Keep In Your Pickup: eAskme
Top Tools To Keep In Your Pickup: eAskme

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Here are some emergency pack ideas to help make any roadside car repair as easy and painless as possible.

Portable Battery Charger

One of the most common reasons for a car to be stranded is when the battery dies.  This can happen as a result of a short in the wiring, or simply because someone left the lights on.

Thankfully a portable battery charger can get you going in minutes.

These systems contain a massive battery and capacitor.

You charge them at home and keep them in the back of the car for immediate use.

Even if you are dealing with a scenario where your alternator isn't charging properly, one of these charges can get enough power to your car to move it safely off the road.

Emergency Flares

Too many deadly roadside accidents occur as a result of someone being pulled over on the side of the road to repair their car.

An emergency flare can make all of the difference in ensuring that other cars see you.

Commercial trucks just carry simple reflector kits with them.

While these work well for large trucks, it makes sense to invest in a more active beacon system.

A battery activated flashing light, or traditional roadside flare can make all of the difference in ensuring that other drivers will see you while you are stranded.

Jack and Spare Tire

In order to comply with EPA fuel efficiency requirements, some new cars are forgoing the spare tire.

Other cars, require you to pay extra to have a spare tire added to the vehicle when you buy it.

And used cars sometimes have the spare tire removed without ever being replaced.

Make sure to check your vehicle and make sure you know that there is a spare tire included and where your jack and tire change kit is.

You don't want to be in some rural area without cell signal while you try to figure out where the jack kit is.

Tool Tally suggests adding a cordless impact wrench to all of your vehicles.

Digital torque wrench makes it much faster to change the tire and reduce the length of time that you sit in a dangerous position on the side of the road.

Simple Tool Kit

There are so many repairs that can be handled by a simple socket set and a pair of pliers.

In most cars, an alternator replacement can be performed with two different socket sizes. A battery replacement now just requires hiring a taxi driver to take you to the nearest for a battery.

You can avoid hundreds of dollars and tens of hours of wasted wait time by carrying a few tools along with you.

Even if you don't know how to perform the repair yourself, it is pretty common to find a friendly passerby who has the skill set you need.

Extra Fuses and Relays

The other common breakdown issue is when a fuse shorts our or a relay breaks.

Relays are small signal boxes in the front of the car.

They control everything from your headlights to your fuel pump.

The good news is that most cars only have 2 or 3 different relays.

If you carry a spare relay and some extra fuses, you are prepared to handle this common repair.

A Powerful Flashlight

It seems that most car repairs happen at dark.

A powerful flashlight is not only handy for seeing what you are trying to repair, but also for searching for lost items alongside the road.

Many of us plan on using our cell phones as a light source, but on any repair lasting more than a few moments, you need a longer-lasting light source.

If you choose a flashlight with an adapter that allows mounting inside your car means that the flashlight is always there when you need to find it.

Blankets and Water

If you are stranded in bad weather, you want to make sure that you have packed the supplies you need to support your own well being.

Carrying a heavy blanket in the back of your car gives you added protection in the event that you get caught out in the snow without any heat.

In extreme climates adding a few instant hand warmers is a good idea.

Water is essential in all climates. In life-threatening weather conditions, having a ready supply of water in your vehicle can be a life-or-death difference.

Keep Everything Contained

A box with all of these emergency items is essential. Otherwise, your tools will roll around in the back of your car and are never where you need them.

Hopefully, you have a good maintenance schedule on your vehicles, and you are only going to use these supplies to help other people.

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