August 24, 2019

Principles of Perfect Website Design

To design a good website, you need a wide range of skills and experience in different areas. After that, the collective effort put in, and sometimes you need to take critical decisions.

Principles of Perfect Website Design: eAskme
Principles of Perfect Website Design: eAskme

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In this article, we will explain the principle of a website design, which will make the website designer develop a pleasing website.

Principles of Perfect Website Design

The principles are as follows:

Keep It Simple

Sometimes, the designers over-designed a website to make it more pleasing, which is not good.

You should put enough elements on the site, so the visitor does not distract from the primary purpose.

That is where simplicity comes in the web page design.

A clean design always improves the performance of the website and makes it more appealing.

The design should be simple that a user can easily navigate from one page to another.

The main idea behind designing website is to serve the primary purpose.

So, keep the design as simple as possible, so the visitor does not feel any difficulty while browsing your site.


Another essential principle is the consistency in the web-design. You should use same kind elements throughout the web pages.

So, makes sure that the headings, sub-headings, fonts. Sizes and button styles should be the same on the entire website.

To have consistency in the design, you should plan everything.

Finalize all of the essential things such as colors. Buttons, fonts, and sizes for before the development. CSS can be very helpful to keep all the information of elements.

Typography and Readability

No matter how good the design of your website is?

The content is still the king of the website. It is the main thing that a visitor is visiting your site.

Good website design also affects the crawlers and plays a vital role in SEO.

That is why; it is essential to keep typography readable and visually appealing for the visitor.

Moreover, use other SEO elements such as meta-data and keywords.

To make the text easily enjoyable, use fonts that are easier to read. Many fonts can be used for the body of the text.

Mobile Compatibility

You can not ignore the increasing usage of mobile phones. Most of the traffic these days is coming from mobile devices.

That is why; you need to have a web design that is compatible with multiple screen types.

If you are unable to make your design mobile compatible, you cannot beat your competition.

If you are not sure, then you can get help from a professional to turn the desktop design of your website into an adaptive and responsive website design.

Imagery and Color Palette

The combination of color plays a vital role in web designing. The design will look very weird by using poor combinations.

It will distract the visitor, and it will immediately leave your website.

So, to make it look good to pick a sound color palette for your website.

The main idea is to put a good impact on the visitor of the website.

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