November 25, 2019

4 Things to Know Before You Proceed With a Breast Augmentation Surgery

One of the most sought after assets by a woman are voluptuous and perkier breasts. Many men find large breasts to be sexually attractive and science has gone on to say that larger breasts make women appeal more to men because they find them to be more fertile.

4 Things to Know Before You Proceed With a Breast Augmentation Surgery: eAskme
4 Things to Know Before You Proceed With a Breast Augmentation Surgery: eAskme

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Whatever your reason is for setting out to get fuller breasts, you need to take in consideration a couple of factors before undergoing surgery.

Let’s not waste time, and get right to the four things we believe you should know about breast enhancement surgery.

1. Don’t Set Unrealistic Expectations

If you are looking to get a breast augmentation in order to achieve breasts like your celebrity idol, you need to stop and give this wish some thought.

Every woman has a different body; therefore even if you do get implants to emulate those of a celebrity, there is no guarantee that both results will be facsimiles of one another.

Hence, ensure your expectations are more realistic. There have been instances where people have such high hopes of achieving the results they desire and post-surgery they are left disappointed.

So be sure to understand that everyone will have a result that is unique to their own body type.

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2. They Aren’t Permanent

Here is another item on this list that may shock you; breast implants are not permanent.


You have to get new implants every ten years or so.

Though the lifespan does vary from woman to woman, it’s improbable that you’ll meet a woman who has the same implants in for two to three decades, but replacement is necessary for proper maintenance.

Moreover, you would need surgery in case there is a rupture or a leak. 

It’s therefore vital that you make regular visits to your doctor to check for any leaks or ruptures.

This will help to increase the lifespan of the implants.

Usually, a doctor will check for any concerns with the help of MRI screening.

3. Post-Surgery Pain

This is a pretty obvious one - no intrusive surgery comes without pain. So be sure that you are prepared for the pain after a breast augmentation surgery.

During surgery and immediately after surgery you will be on anesthesia so you won’t be feeling much, but once the anesthesia wears off you will experience pain.

However, it’s important to remember that the intensity of the pain felt is individualistic; some girls may find it to be more painful than others.

Your doctor will prescribe you medication that you can take post-surgery to ease the pain.

Furthermore, you would need to be on bed-rest for a few days after the surgery in order to recuperate.

During this time period, you should wear loose clothes made of natural fabric and consume healthy food.

4. You Still Need to Wear a Bra

Most people tend to believe that once you get a breast augmentation, you no longer need a bra. This is an entirely false statement.

Breast enhancement surgery does give you firmer and tighter breasts which means you can spend some time without a bra, but this doesn’t mean you don’t need one.

A bra is needed to prevent the skin on your breasts from sagging and stretching that can result from the weight of the implant.

However, you need to wait at least 2 months post-surgery to purchase a bra.

This time period will allow the implants to settle in and give your breasts their new shape.

It’s recommended you wear a sports bra for the first few weeks after surgery.

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