February 19, 2020

Crossbows Recommended for Beginner Hunters

By Sona Mathews
Getting a crossbow for the first time can be quite a challenge nowadays. Crossbows themselves have developed over the past few years to a point where they don’t even look like their predecessor. It resembles more of something from science fiction movies, rather than its medieval predecessor; we are all familiar from films and documentaries.

However, when choosing a modern crossbow, we have to take into consideration a lot of essential details which will affect their performance.

Crossbows Recommended for Beginner Hunters: eAskme
Crossbows Recommended for Beginner Hunters: eAskme

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There are quite a lot of factors that need to be taken into consideration, and beginners can find it quite intimidating.

From its momentum to its accuracy, each part of the crossbow will significantly increase or decrease its performance, and each year crossbow manufacturers keep pushing these boundaries forward.

Momentum is probably the most critical factor for modern crossbows, and physics behind momentum is speed and mass. The higher the rate, along with mass, the higher the momentum, Crossbows are short-range weapons.

Therefore fast shooting crossbows may be a better choice for beginners because even though the arrow has a higher drag force and it loses momentum faster on fast shooting crossbows. The shaft has a higher initial speed, which is very important for short-range shots.

Usually, the shot distance is around 50 yards, which gives a great advantage to fast shooting crossbows, and if we add heavier arrows, we get more inertia, which will slow down the momentum decrease rate.

Before purchasing a crossbow, beginners should also check the regulation to draw weight because draw weight regulation varies on each state.

However, the bare minimum should be around 100 pounds of draw weight. The biggest misconception about modern crossbows is their strength. Although not as strong as a rifle, you can still easily hunt all the massive games in the state, even from a slightly higher distance.

Since it will take some practice before the actual hunt, the beginner hunters should start shooting with standard aluminum arrows. Once the shooter is confident enough, the hunter can then gradually switch to indicators with higher quality material, in this case, carbon.

The scope is probably one of the best investments for beginners, if affordable of course, because they can cost between $250 to $500, however, they are worth to invest in, especially since they can accurately tell the distance between the hunter and prey, which is, of course, for crossbows paramount. Nowadays, most pro modern crossbows include a scope.

However, not all of them come as a full set. Although mobile, it is best advised to start using a crossbow in rest, and even in this case, measuring the distance will still be quite challenging without the scope. One of the biggest misconceptions beginners also have about crossbows is the noise.

Crossbows are not as silent as they show it in the movies, and the sound will often alarm animals to react and jump on the sound of the string. Beginners should check if the crossbow has a noise dampening system. This is also why fast shooting crossbows are a better choice for beginners, such as Tenpoint nitro X. Not only can it shoot at 440 fps, but it also has a noise dampening system.

Although you can get everything you need for around $1000, crossbows like the one mentioned above start from $1800 and above.

However, starter crossbows as a complete set with arrows, scope, and everything you need can be found for $1000 to $1500. It is pricey, but there is a huge difference in 300fps and 440fps, especially for beginner hunters.

It all depends on the needs of the hunter himself. As mentioned, they are quite prices, that is why, naturally, one of the first things beginner hunters should learn before they even learn to shoot, is how to maintain the crossbow.

Regular maintenance can not only save money in the long term, but it also keeps the performance of your crossbow at its peak, and it helps avoid damages.

For beginners, it is best to follow manufacturer’s instruction when it comes to maintenance, however, for starter, beginner crossbow hunters should learn to recognize when string and cables wear, and when central serving and rails need to be lubed. It is always better for beginner hunters to go for a crossbow that comes complete as a set, because that way, they can use it for hunting or practicing right away.

Beginner hunters should avoid taking giant crossbows at first.

It is better to go for a bit more slim designs. Moving through terrain with a crossbow can be very challenging, primarily through bushes and branches once the crossbow is cocked.

Not to mention that crossbows can be quite heavy to carry, especially when there are obstacles and heavier crossbows will also affect aiming, especially for beginner crossbows hunters.

Therefore, slim designs would fit better for beginners.

An excellent example of this is the Ravin R20. Even un-cocked, it is still only 10.5 inches wide, making it a good option when you are trying to cross terrain with bushes and wood.

Even with slim crossbows, it is still better to start with rest, as it will have better results when aiming, and it will give more time to get used to the whole close-range weapon concept of hunting.

The design of the modern crossbow nowadays is so beautiful that it can be quite challenging to choose, almost like mobile phones. However, it is strongly advised not to buy a crossbow based on its looks but based on its performance and the hunter needs.

Always check how high their FPS is first, whether they come as a complete set or not, or whether they have the scope, the dampening system, and so on.

It is quite hard to go wrong with modern crossbows that have been designed for the past few years, but a beginner hunter should always check his needs first to make it fun, enjoyable, and, most of all, a safe experience.

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