January 07, 2020

Why Choosing to Live in a Mobile Home is a Smart Move?

You finally got over the to buy or to rent dilemma and you decided that you want to purchase your own property. But now you’re faced with a million other decisions you have to make. Where to look for a place, how big is the house going to be, what type of house is better suited for your needs?

You’ll have to come up with answers for all these questions and many more until you finally settle into your home.

First time home buyers often feel overwhelmed when trying to choose a property. It’s only natural to
feel this way since it’s one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make.

Why Choosing to Live in a Mobile Home is a Smart Move: eAskme
Why Choosing to Live in a Mobile Home is a Smart Move: eAskme
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There are countless aspects to take into consideration and the pressure of the whole journey can be a little daunting.

In the past years there’s been an increasing number of people who, after going through the same
stressful thinking process, chose to take the leap and buy mobile homes instead of regular homes.

There are various reasons why people come to the conclusion that owning a mobile home could be a better option than owning a traditional home.

Here are the most important benefits:

The price tag

There’s no denying that the first thing you think about when deciding to buy something as valuable as a house is the budget.

You may be dreaming of a palace, but if all you can afford is a bungalow, then there’s not much point in indulging in illusions.

A mobile home is by far one of the most affordable options for first time home buyers.

Many people decide to buy a mobile home for this reason alone as sometimes it’s the only option available.

A mobile home offers you the chance to live in a full-sized house, in a good neighborhood, without
having to go to extreme lengths to find a budget for it.

You can probably find an apartment or a traditional house for similar low prices, but they’ll most definitely have significant drawbacks such as bad location or lack of space.

High quality constructions

There’s a common misconception that mobile houses are not high-quality. The standards for newly built mobile homes are extremely high and manufacturers use cutting-edge materials which sometimes make mobile homes far better than stick-built homes in terms of quality.

They may not be on the same level when it comes to natural hazards safety and that’s why buying
homeowners insurance is something you should always consider.

If you live in Florida mobile home insurance should definitely be on your mind when purchasing a mobile house because the area is prone to hurricanes.

However, mobile houses are constantly improving.

Manufacturers are always experimenting with the latest materials and construction techniques to make the structures as reliable as possible and also energy efficient.

Building time

Another big advantage of mobile homes is the speed of construction. There’s no comparison between
the amount of time and effort invested into building a traditional home and the time it takes to build a
mobile home.

If you want to move into your new place as fast as possible, without the well-known delays or extra costs that a stick-built home would involve, then a mobile home will spare you all the drama.

Mobile homes are built in factories, so after you’ve chosen the type of house you want, it can be ready within a week.

Using assembly line techniques, manufacturers are able to build houses in a very short period of time, without cutting corners and making sure they meet the same high-quality standards.

Setting up the house is also a fast process that normally takes only a couple of days and then you’re
done, you can move into your new place.

They come with warranty

Technically mobile homes are not considered real estate, but personal properties. This means that you’ll also enjoy the benefit of having a warranty for your new house.

The manufacturer has the responsibility of ensuring the quality of the asset that has been sold to you.

You’ll definitely have a more peaceful sleep in your mobile home knowing that if anything goes wrong, you have your back covered.

Obviously, warranties differ from supplier to supplier and it’s important to take your time and read it
carefully before sealing the deal.

Not all manufacturers offer the same benefits and you must understand how the warranty works, what it covers, for how long and the level of service you can expect from your supplier.

A simpler lifestyle

A mobile home is based on a more minimalistic approach. It can offer the comfort and stability of a
traditional home, but the whole idea of a mobile home is to keep things less complicated.

Usually people who choose mobile homes are those who enjoy simplicity and don’t like to clutter their life with unnecessary things.

There are various studies who have shown that a simpler lifestyle, based on a less is more mentality, can actually help improve the quality of life, both physically and mentally.

People who focus on the essential aspects of their life tend to worry less and feel happier and more fulfilled.

So if you think this is something you resonate with, you will surely enjoy living in a mobile home.

Protecting the environment

A simple life also means a cleaner environment. It’s been shown that mobile houses are more eco-
friendly than stick-built houses since they produce less waste and have a lower environmental impact.

Just think about how much damage the construction of a traditional home can create on the
environment and you’ll understand why mobile houses are a friendlier option.

Their energy efficiency represents an important advantage over traditional homes and it’s something
that you’ll appreciate in the long run.

Also, you can easily add solar panels or other energy-saving solutions to your home over time that won’t cost you a fortune.

You’ll take care of your wallet and protect the nature in the same time.

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