March 31, 2020

Different Aspects of Craps Tournaments

By Sona Mathews
In the period between the early 80s to mid-90s, you could have participated in big prized money tournaments worth $50,000 or more on a monthly, weekly or seasonal basis.

To play those tournaments, you had to fly across different destinations, back and forth from Las Vegas, Puerto Rico, and Atlanta City. Crap tournaments are gaining popularity from 2005.

Different Aspects of Craps Tournaments: eAskme
Different Aspects of Craps Tournaments: eAskme

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There are three types of crap tournaments;

  • The weekly one mostly entry fee is around $25
  • The more posh annual or quarterly type entry fee range from $300 to $1000
  • The top-notch invitation-only events.
The weekly tournaments are held for entertainment only, and the prize money is also not noteworthy, as the entry fee is only $25.

The second cater gory of tournaments are more organized and premium because of the high value of the price.

The invitation tournaments used to hold among best but not frequent wagers; it used to be a closed-door affair.

Craps tournaments

Now you will find a different crap tournament in online and offline craps.

These are superlative than regular crap games, as skilled players have more chance of winning the game.

In crap tournaments, as players buy entry tickets, they receive the same amount of chips.

After an hour when the tournament ends, the chips are counted, the winner is declared. Prizes are paid according to the paytable scheduled previously; mostly, 50% of the total prize pool is allocated to the top 3 players.

Tournaments held by leading online casinos like Baccarat online are free, but sometimes there are entry fees ranging from $1 to $200.

Some online casinos held crap tournament as promotional campaigns; those are good for both professional and beginners.
  • The advanced players are mostly confident in their win because of the huge experience and expertise they have gathered over time. They take the finest bets as the free odds.
  • Beginners are having nothing to lose in the game but to gain experience and knowledge as they encounter the masters of the game.
  • Belligerent players adore high-end bets like; proposition, field bets, and high bets. Small stack players may put everything in stake in Snake Eyes or Single Role bets.
The ratio is 30:1, which means wagering 5,000 hips, you can win 150,000 chips.

Using such an aggressive strategy is not beneficial in a long term perspective but gives the desired result in a short variance of the game.


On the other hand, conventional players stick to safe bets and imply proper bankroll management.

Optimal bets like; pass line/ do not pass bets; free odds/lay the odd minimize the house edge.

The major advantages of these bets are they have a favorable risk-reward ratio, which is useful in a longer perspective.

As it lowers the house edge, the payout also gets lesser, but the bets always ate safer options than aggressive ones.

The conservative players win in the longer run, as the bankroll is safeguarded, and the player does not suffer from anxiety and stress.

Before joining, check the schedule of the crap tournament, which could last for a few hours or linger into days.

Choose a suitable one and play to your heart content.

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