March 31, 2020

What is RTP and RNG in Online Casinos and How it Works?

If you are new to the world of online gambling you may see the terms RNG and RTP for the first time.

But, if you have ever played games at some online establishment you have encountered these two terms multiple times.

What is RTP and RNG in Online Casinos and How it Works: eAskme
What is RTP and RNG in Online Casinos and How it Works: eAskme

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Anyway, we will have to take a deep look into these two acronyms and see what they really mean and why they are important for you.

RTP: Return to Player

As you were able to see, RTP stands for a return to player and it is used for slots mostly.

It means how much percentage a game will give back to a player over time.

For example, if you place 100 bets and each one is $1, and that slot game has RTP of 90%, you can expect back $90.

Keep in mind that the RTP is applied and refers to a long period of time and it isn’t something you can experience if you play a slot a few times only.

This also doesn’t mean that a slot with low RTP should be avoided.

All slots are powered by RNG which will be explained below and each one of them can complete the winning combination at some point and reward its players.

You can check some of the highest RTP slots at the and spin the reels when you want.

There is no specific criteria that should tell you is that slot great with RTP or average.

In a nutshell, anything above 98% of RTP is considered as impressive and very desirable game to try.

Between 95% and 98% above the average games and they are very popular these days.

But, slots below 95% of RTP almost do not exist.

There are maybe a few of them on the web!

RTP in Land-based and Online Casinos

Return to a player can be used almost for any game, but you will mostly see them for slots, as we have mentioned earlier.

However, RTP is used in land and online casinos.

Here there is one interesting fact. Land casinos have much lower RTP in general.

At a typical land casino, you are looking at RTP of 70-90%. This RTP is impossible to find an online casino.

The same advantage of online establishments can be seen in the game selection, the RNG benefit and also the lower house edge in general.

This is probably one of the biggest reasons why online casinos are so popular and so appealing at the moment and why they are going to become even better in the future.

We should add at this point that RTP and RNG are not linked in any way.

These are two completely different terms that are commonly used in all online establishments.

They have a different purpose and they are developed for different applications.

Random Number Generator or RNG

As you saw, RNG stands for random number generator and it is basically a piece of code implemented in any game you will play online, versus computer only.

RNG doesn’t have anything to do with live casino games nor is it available in games where a live dealer is present.

To clarify, RNG powers the online games you play at online casinos versus a computer, such as video slots, video poker and etc.

RNG is an algorithm that made online casino games safe, fair to play and so popular.

So what it does actually? Imagine a slot game in which winning combination is presented with 5 numbers.

They can be 1-2-3-4-5. Now, that slot has a billion possible combinations.

The random number generator will randomly display a new combination each time.

 You can get the aforementioned winning combo if you have the luck that RNG displays it while you are playing.

If not, it will be displayed to another player.

Random number generator has more than bullion possible combination and it is set to display randomly combinations as long as the slot or a game is used.

This is easier to see with slots.

Take a look at the example we have earlier and you can get a better idea about the RNG and what it does.

Well, it does the same thing with all other types of casino games.

The goal of RNG is to make games fair to play.

To make them impossible to set and to affect by other players or casino management.

But, in order for the RNG to operate as it should, testing and licensing is mandatory.

Testing the RNG

This type of testing isn’t something you can do.

It is only available for licensed giants in the industry such as eCORGA and similar.

Those are testers that will check each game and make sure the RNG is set to random, the factory setting.

If a code is tempered with and the game is set to never display the winning combo, that game is removed from the casino.

If multiple games are tempered with, the entire online casino will lose the license.

This explains the term fairness in online establishments.

Those that have and use RNG as it should are fair places to gamble.

You should check those establishments if you are interested in far gambling.

These days it is impossible to manipulate the RNG in the games.

The reason is simple. Almost all the games offer their games to casinos.

But, when the online casino features a game, it remains on the servers of the developed.

For example, if a slot is developed by NetEnt, and an online casino features that slot on the homepage, they have just the shell of the game, a link.

You can play the game here but it is stored on the NetEnt servers.

This means that tempering with the RG is actually completely impossible.


To summarize, RTP stands for a return to player and it is a percentage of the money a game will give back to its players.

RNG stands for random number generator and it is the main core, the algorithm that makes all games fair to play.

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