March 10, 2020

Do You Want to Become a Successful Database Administrator? Pass Microsoft 70-461 Exam Using Practice Tests to Achieve Success

The skills in database administration are in high demand. The organizations and businesses require the professionals to help them perform important tasks such as data storage and management.

These individuals had to undergo a rigorous training and certification program to gain the required skills.

They had to study and pass the exams, including Microsoft 70 461.

Do You Want to Become a Successful Database Administrator? Pass Microsoft 70-461 Exam Using Practice Tests to Achieve Success: eAskme
Do You Want to Become a Successful Database Administrator? Pass Microsoft 70-461 Exam Using Practice Tests to Achieve Success: eAskme

This article enables you to learn more about this test and how you can prepare to pass it.

Before we take a look at how you can prepare for this important database-related exam, we would like you to know more about it.

Let’s explore the details that will guide you during your preparation process.

Details of Microsoft 70-461 certification exam

This exam is intended for database administrators, developers, and systems engineers.

These professionals should have at least two years of experience and they should be able to demonstrate that they have the relevant skills and knowledge necessary to write queries.

The other two are Microsoft 70-462 and 70-463.

The 70-461 certification exam includes 40-60 questions, and the students will be given 2 hours to answer them.

All these questions have been formatted differently.

The candidates may find different question types, including;

  • Short answer
  • Multiple choice
  • Best answer
  • Case study
  • Review screen
  • Fill-in-the-blank
  • Active screen
  • Build lists, and more.
These questions lead to a maximum of 1000 points. The passing score for this test is 700.

The applicants must register for $165 before they receive permission to take the exam.

Skills measured in Microsoft 70-461 certification exam

The most critical part of preparing for any IT test is getting to understand its objectives.

Microsoft 70 461 has various topics that every candidate must thoroughly study.

Here is the content to learn for this exam:

  • Creating database objects;
  • Working with data;
  • Modifying data;
  • Troubleshooting and optimizing data.

Preparation for Microsoft 70-461 certification exam

The successful database administrators have gained high-level skills in database creation and management.

These skills aren’t attainable by accident.

You need to deliberately study and practice to get them.

So, how should you prepare for this certification exam? Here’s what you should do:

1. Understand the exam objectives

The topic areas let you know what you’re most likely to be tested on. The Microsoft website has these exam details.

Ensure you go through them to guide you even in making the right choice of revision materials.

2. Get proper study resources to use

Once you understand the exam topics, the next thing you should do is find resources that will help you explore each of the objectives involved.

Study materials vary from training courses, study guides, hands-on labs to practice tests and exam dumps.

Make sure you use a variety of these prep tools in order to get the right knowledge and skills needed to pass Microsoft 70-461.

Utilizing more than one resource will ensure that you don’t leave out any important material.

Use the following tools to prepare and pass your certification test:

  • Instructor-led training course;
  • Self-paced learning;
  • Microsoft Press 70-461 study guide;
  • Self-paced labs;
  • Practice tests from PrepAway;
  • Video lectures by the PrepAway instructors.

3. Prepare a study schedule

It’s almost impossible to focus on what you’re studying unless you have a plan for it.

A study plan or schedule will guide you on what to learn and when to do it. In the plan, you should include the topics and when you intend to cover each of them.

Also, make sure that your blueprint includes the time you want to take for your studies.

This approach helps you keep distractions away so that you can focus on what really matters at the moment.

4. Evaluate your exam readiness with practice tests

The best part of the preparation process is when you’re able to check your level of readiness before you actually sit for the certification test.

When you do this, you’re going to discover the exam topics or concepts that you have yet to realize so that you can focus on improving them.

Mock tests are usually prepared in a way that enables the candidates to answer them as though they’re taking the real exam.

So, besides getting to discover your weak areas, you’ll also be at an advantage of knowing how actual Microsoft 70-461 is like.

This way, you won’t be confused when you get the actual question paper.

The PrepAway website has this type of prep resource designed for those individuals who want to know how to answer the questions and pass the exam with good grades.On this platform, you’ll find a Premium Bundle that includes video courses and a study guide.

You can take practice tests with the aid of an Exam Simulator to get the best experience.

These materials are included to give you an edge during this critical moment.

You’ll also find a free version of mock tests that you can easily download from this site.

They are available in the .ETE format.

5. Take the exam with confidence

Waiting to sit for the exam is usually an anxious moment for every candidate. It’s normal to feel this way.

However, make sure that you have studied well so that you won’t have to fear or worry too much about it.

As you know, when you lack confidence, it’s possible to forget what you’ve studied before.

Confidence is the best way to face the test even when it’s a tough one. Thus, you need it as you take Microsoft 70-461.

Read through the instructions and questions carefully. Be sure to understand each question before answering it.


Preparing for a critical aspect of your career takes commitment, courage, and focus. Also, using proper study materials is important in passing the Microsoft 70-461 exam.

Getting a high result isn’t easy but possible.

All you need to do is make sure you’ve done your bit during preparation. Succeeding in your database administration career demands your commitment through all the process.

If you do this, you’re going to reap the benefits that come with passing your test and obtaining the certificate.

NOTE: Microsoft 70-461 will retire on June 30, 2020, so manage your time to get the MCSA credential if you have already started your preparation. Good luck!

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