March 28, 2020

Pinterest ‘Today’ Tab for daily inspiration With Focus on COVID-19

Pinterest is introducing a new tab for the homepage. This new tab is “Today.” Tab.

This Pinterest “Today” tab will showcase all the curated content for daily inspirations.

Pinterest Introduces ‘Today’ Tab for daily inspiration With Focus on COVID-19: eAskme
Pinterest Introduces ‘Today’ Tab for daily inspiration With Focus on COVID-19: eAskme

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The latest Pinterest announcement says that people are get inspired by new content and easily digest it.

Right now the world is keeping their both eye open for a minute by minute updates about Coronavirus.

Not only COVID-19 but people are also desperately looking for;

  • How to solutions
  • Plans for kids tutorials
  • How to grow organic food
  • Crafting projects, etc.
Between 20the march, 2020- 21st march 2020, Pinterest has seen the massive growth in user engagement.

Especially from the countries that are severely impacted by Coronavirus such as Germany, Spain, France, and Italy.

To make sure that people should not miss anything, Pinterest is launching the “today” tab now.

What is Pinterest Today’s tab?

As the name suggests, the Pinterest Today tab is related to everything that is happening today only.

This means that you will find expert information about Coronavirus from WHO and CDC.

People can also find more information related to how people can follow social distance practice.

Today tab will be home for some of the most popular categories on Pinterest such as;

  • Self-care
  • Kids friendly cooking
  • Movies
  • Comfort food, etc.
You can find the Today tab after the “For You” tab.

Under the “For You” tab, you will only find personal recommendations.

Under the “Today” tab, people will find what is happening around them or in the world.

Currently, you will find everything related to Coronavirus.

Inspiring Others On Pinterest

How to Inspire others on Pinterest:

If you want to inspire people in the USA, then this data will help you.

Trending topics on Pinterest in the USA:

  • Freezer Meals (more than 150%)
  • Work from Home (More than 165%)
  • Indoor Kids Activity (More than 1250%)
If you want to get maximum engagement on Pinterest, then you should follow the trending searches.

Why “Today” Tab:

Pinterest is launching the “today” tab to make it easy for Pinterest users to access reliable information.
Right now, Pinterest Today tab is only available in the USA and UK on Android and iOS apps. Soon it will be available for other countries also.

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