June 25, 2020

Google Voice: A Brief Guide on How to Download it

By Sona Mathews
Isn't it fascinating how technology has helped in many different ways today? The advancement of technology has offered us devices that we could use to our advantage.

Mobile devices, in particular, have also provided us a lot of features that can help us with our daily activities. One of which is enabling us to make phone calls and send messages.

Google Voice: A Brief Guide on How to Download it: eAskme
Google Voice: A Brief Guide on How to Download it: eAskme
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What if we tell you there is a convenient way of sending messages and making phone calls?

That is all made possible by Google Voice.

It's an app used by many people to make daily phone calls and protect their private information from threats, hackers, and criminals.

In this article, we will show you a brief guide on how to download the app.

What is Google Voice?

Google Voice is a Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP phone service app. It was formerly known as GrandCentral, which was changed to google voice when Google acquired it in 2009.

The app provides you a separate Google Voice number, which allows you to send SMS, voicemail, make a phone call, and other useful services.

When you register to the app, you can select your Google Voice number, which you can use as a second mobile number.

It will also allow you to call international numbers at a very affordable price. If you have more than one device, the app will still sync across multiple devices that you can use wherever you go.

How to Download the App

If you have an Android device, downloading the app is simple.
  • First, go to Google Play Store and type in Google Voice on the search bar.

  • Click the first result that shows up and download the app.

  • Once you have the app, you can choose whether to log in to your existing Google account or not.

  • The process for download the app on iOS is also similar.

Setting Up Google Voice

For Android users

Click "Search" and choose your number.

You can choose whatever number you like, and you can also search by city or area code. Once you have selected your phone number, click "Search" and tap "Next" to confirm your chosen mobile number.

The app will verify the phone number for you, and once everything is good, tap "Accept Number".

When that is done, the app will prompt you to add a number. If you haven't connected your mobile number to your Google account, tap the "Send Code". Select "Allow" when asked for permission and then, your contact list will appear.

You are now ready to use the app on your device.

For iOS users

Once you have the app, open it. Once Google recognizes your account, you can tap the "Continue As" button. From there, tap the "Accept" button to agree to the app's Terms and Conditions. Tap "Search" to choose the number you want by city or area code.
Tap "Next", and the app will verify your mobile number.

After that, type in your current active mobile number and tap the "Send Code" button. The app will send you a verification, which you will need to associate your number to the app.

Select "Ok" when Google asks permission to access your contacts and tap "Allow" for the notifications so that you will be notified when someone calls you.


There you have it, an easy guide for downloading the Google Voice app on your Android and iOS devices.

Once you have followed the steps correctly, the app will work according to its purpose.

The app has many features that you will appreciate.

Download the Google Voice app now and see how convenient it is.

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