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Best Local SEO Tips for 2018

SEO is one of the important part of every single website and blog. Search engine algorithms and rapidly changing and thats why webmaster also have to change their SEO tactics every year. We already know that Google updates like panda, penguin, pigeon etc are giving tough time to many webmasters and Internet marketers.

Google itself owns 67% of search engine market, which manes that if Google change something then you should also have to change according to that. These days Google algorithm changes 500 to 600 times a year. You need to keep an eye on Google updates and fix your SEO tactics.

Best Local SEO Tips for 2018: eAskme
Best Local SEO Tips for 2018: eAskme

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Year 2014 is ending and year 2018 is going to welcome us. In 2018 we expect some more changes in Search engine algorithms. But you need not to worry as these are the part of a webmasters life now. Today we will discuss how you should prepare local SEO strategy for 2018.

Local SEO tips for 2018:

Move to Mobile-Friendly sites

A research showed that people are spending more than 12 hours daily on smartphones. Google is taking this seriously and that`s why Google has recently launched mobile friendly testing tool with its Pagespeed Insight tool. Your blog or website should be search engine friendly or else your will lose those 68% traffic to your competitors.

It is also believed that a mobile-friendly site has better CTR, rankings and revenue. You can check if your site is mobile friendly or not by using this Google Mobile friendly test tool.

You Should Optimize Google My Business

Google suggests you how to optimize your Google My Business:

  •     Enter location of your business location correctly
  •     Verify your physical address, business name, phone number
  •     Enter details about payment types and hours of operation
  •     Add your website on your Google Plus page
  •     Enter keywords, categories and description
  •     Encourage people to get reviews

Get Listed on these popular sites:

To gain value in the eyes of search engines you should get your site listed on the following business directories:
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Be Effective and Awesome

Let me tell you some awesome tips be successful with local search in 2018.
  •     Write useful quality content for your homepage
  •     Have informative, relevant and updated content on your site or blog
  •     Stop keyword stuffing and spamming
  •     Summarize the page using title tag
  •     Enter city and state details in  title tag, URL, H1 heading, alt text and on content
  •     Earn quality backlinks
I believe you are familiar with these tips and now you should seriously practice these things.

So these are the very important and best local SEO tips for 2018. Do share if your local SEO campaign got hit by Google? Also share what is your SEO strategy for 2018. Don`t forget to subscribe eAskme newsletter to get updates in your inbox.