August 07, 2020

Instagram Reels: What is it? Features & How to Create 15-seconds Videos on Instagram with Reels?

Instagram reels is one f the most awaited product from Instagram. The reason behind the launch of the Instagram reel is to give the diehard competition to the fastest growing social app TikTok.

Now you have many questions about Instagram reels, such as;

  • What is Instagram reels?

  • How does it work?

  • When will it be launched?

  • How will it give fierce competition to TikTok?

  • What are the features of Instagram reels?
Instagram reels: What is Instagram Reels? how to create reels in Instagram? How to create 15-minutes videos on Instagram?: eAskme
Instagram reels: What is Instagram Reels? how to create reels in Instagram? How to create 15-minutes videos on Instagram?: eAskme

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Here you will find every answer related to Instagram reels.

What is Instagram reels?

Instagram reels is a new way to create 15-seconds videos similar to TikTok but on the Instagram platform.

Right now, Instagram reels will launch in 50 countries, including the United States. Now you can get paid for Instagram reels.

What are the features of Instagram reels?

Instagram reels is going to be similar to TikTok in many ways.

Features of Instagram reels:

  • Create 15-seconds videos

  • Share videos

  • Add any song or your audio to videos.

  • Grab audio from other published videos.

  • Find popular clips in “features reels.:

Instagram users can see the reels in the main feed and also find the Instagram reels in a dedicated Explore tab.

Instagram reels allow the user to reach the audience who are not even following him.

Instagram reels users will gain more exposure if their videos grab the place in the “features” section.

How to Create Instagram reels?

To create reels on Instagram, you need to use the Instagram camera. Select the reels from your mobile screen.

You can use the following tools for Instagram reels:


This place is for you to search the audio that you want to use in your video.

AR effects:

Select the effects you want t use in Instagram reels video.

Timer and Countdown:

You can set the timer.


This tool allows you to line up objects.


This tool allows you to speed up or slow down your videos.

Press and hold the capture button to record the video for Instagram reels.

Reels allow you to create a series of videos in your Instagram profile.

After creating the reels, you can share it with your friends and followers.

All the shared reels display under the Reels tab.

How is reels different than TikTok?

Tiktok is an app, but reels is an additional feature on the Instagram app.

This means that Instagram users need not install any other app for using Instagram reels.

If you do not see the Instagram reels on your profile, then you must update the Instagram app.

Instagram reels have the luxury of using already available massive Instagram user base.

This will stop Instagram users from using TikTok.

Reels will add real value to Instagram business also. It is intended that this feature will increase the time spent on the Instagram app. This will attract more advertisers on Instagram for business.

TikTok business company ByteFance is already facing the hard time. TikTok is already banned in India.

Bytedance either has to sell the TikTok US operation to Microsoft or else be banned from the USA.

This thing has created enough space for Instagram to launch the TikTok reels.

Final Words:

Till now, we are discussing the potential of the Instagram reels.

Once, it will go live; things will be bright that how useful it is for the users.

We can only hope that it will not face the same fate as Instagram IGTV.

Instagram reels is available now, and you can use it by updating your Instagram app.

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