August 10, 2020

Link Building Checklist to Earn High Quality Backlinks Naturally

By Sona Mathews
Do you want to rank higher in search results? If yes, then you need more links. Backlinks are among the top 3 ranking factors on Google.

Quality backlinks massively impact the position of your content in search results. These also help to made or destroy the authority of your website.

Quality links pointing to a domain name can improve the overall ranking of the site.

Link Building Checklist to Earn High Quality Links: eAskme
Link Building Checklist to Earn High Quality Links: eAskme

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There was a time when creating links was almost spammy.

The number of links was everything.

But, in the past few years, link building transformed from quantity to quality.

Now professionals and experts are talking about;
To earn links, you need to build community, healthy relationships with your partners, and publish creative content ideas.

Focus on user engagement, expression, and quality of the content to earn high-quality links.
Also, develop a diverse link profile.

To make sure that your link profile is diverse, you need to follow this link building checklist.

In this link building checklist, you will see many things that you may have already known but missed or ignored them when building links.

In this checklist, I will also share the links to detailed guides.

Technical SEO:

First, answer these questions;
  • Can you rank your blog or websites with backlinks only?
  • How to build links to a messy website?
Links are important, but you cannot rank a poorly ranking website.

You need to work on creating an excellent user experience, and you can do it by creating a clean, mobile-friendly, and fast loading website.

First, fix the technical SEO of your website and then focus on building backlinks.

The sites are more likely to link back to the blogs or websites with clean design and better user experience.

Plan Link Building Activities:

Plan Link Building Activities: eAskme: Link Building Checklist to Earn High Quality Backlinks Naturally

The very first thing is that you need to breakdown your link building activities in;
  • Yearly
  • Quarterly
  • Monthly
  • Weekly

Yearly Link Building Checklist:

Yearly Link Building Checklist: Link Building Checklist to Earn High Quality Backlinks Naturally: eAskme

After the end of each year, analyze what worked for you and what lots it’s value. Fix errors, update old posts, trash useless posts, drop outdated strategies, and adopt the latest trends.

Quarterly Link building Checklist:

Quarterly Link building Checklist: Link Building Checklist to Earn High Quality Backlinks Naturally: eAskme


Backlink Audit:

Backlink audit should be an essential part of your link building strategy.

Use tools like Google Search Console to export the list of backlinks.

Similar to the content scoring sheet, sort the list of sites linking to your website and review them.

This will help you to find all the low quality and irrelevant links and add them to your disavow list.

Use the Disavow list:

Add all the irrelevant, and low-quality sites in your disavow file and review it.

After every quarter, you will be adding more sites and removing some sites from your disavow file.

Competition Analysis:

Track the backlink data of the top 3 competitors.

Analyze the links and create a list of sites that will help you or your client.

Monthly link building checklist:

Monthly link building checklist: Link Building Checklist to Earn High Quality Backlinks Naturally: eAskme

There are some tasks that you should do every month.

Email Outreach:

I am surely not talking about mass email outreach.

Here I am telling you to email outreach to your influencer connections and let them know what you have published and why they should be linking to it.

Monitor Brand Mentions:

Track the brand mentions to understand where and when your competitors are getting brand mentions.

Guest Blogging:

Guest blogging is among one of the oldest link building strategies.

But, the way experts use guest blogging is quite different than old times.

The focus should be not only to build links but to build strong relationships and earn brand mentions.

Content Syndication:

Create link-worthy content such as “Complete Domain Name Guide.” And, make the publishers syndicate your content.

Reviews & Testimonials:

Reviews and testimonials are one of the quality ways to earn backlinks. You should do it every month.


Directories are outdated.

But still, some high-quality directories can help you earn foundational links.

Affiliate Links:

You can also build links with the help of affiliate marketing.

For example, if you have a product or service that you want to sell, then you should create your affiliate program and make affiliate join the program for free.

Affiliates will not only help you make more sales but also bring a lot of backlinks.

Broken Link building:

Broken link building is still functional.

You can find the broken links and request to replace the broken link with your original content.

Content marketing:

Content marketing is one of the best ways to build links. But you need to use creative, controversial, and ego baiting content to build links naturally.

The number and quality of links depend upon the quality of your content and how well it engages with the user.

Events and Charity:

Events and charities are also the best ways to earn backlinks from news publications.

You can organize social events to raise money for the charity, and this will attract local newspapers and news websites to publish about the event.

You can also co-sponsor the event.

Weekly Link Building Checklist:

Weekly Link Building Checklist: Link Building Checklist to Earn High Quality Backlinks Naturally: eAskme

1st and 2nd Week:

Audit internal backlinks and competitors backlinks.

3rd Week:

Brainstorm content ideas.

4th Week:

Discover Link Opportunities:
  • Develop email templates
  • Find co-citation opportunities
  • Outreach to 50+ targets.

5th Week:

Start writing and review before publishing even the first blog post.

Final Words:

To ensure the quality and quantity of the backlinks it is important to follow this link building checklist.

This will help you supercharge your backlink profile.

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