How to Make Money with Instagram and Why You Shouldn’t Buy Instagram Followers

Making money with Instagram is possible and here's how.

Can you imagine living on the road, just taking a few pictures every day?

How to Make Money with Instagram and Why You Shouldn’t Buy Instagram Followers: eAskme
How to Make Money with Instagram and Why You Shouldn’t Buy Instagram Followers: eAskme

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But what do you have to do to make a living from Instagram, how many followers do you have to have, where do you find the advertisers? You should keep in mind to not Buy Instagram Followers

Here I explain everything you need to know to be able to live off the social network that has grown the most in recent years, another good way to live on the road.


Very simple, because it is the most searched instagrammer of all, it is searched by 22,000 people every month and has more than 2 million followers. Maybe you can stop by and get some inspiration.

Do you know who is the second most searched instagram account in

Sara Carbonero's instagram, with 9,900 searches a month.

Don't worry if you are not an actress or actor, or haven't been with a football player or singer, you can still earn money with Instagram, and here I explain what you have to do.

How to Make Money with Instagram

There are several ways to monetize your Instagram account, some will work better than others, depending on your audience profile and your line of business.

It's best to try them all and see which one works best for you.

Platforms to connect advertisers and influencers

To monetize your Instagram account there are already several platforms that connect advertisers with influencers, and most of them accept Instagram accounts.

Simply sign up for all of them and wait for a brand interested in appearing on your profile to contact you.


This is one of the main marketplaces for influencers.

Very easy to use and in addition to your Instagram account you can also register other social networks such as Twitter and Facebook.

For me the best platform to find advertisers and monetize your social networks.


Another platform that is gaining a lot of strength lately and has just added the option to generate money with your Instagram account as well, apart from the other options I already had, such as with your blog, Twitter and Facebook.

On this platform, unlike the previous one, you are the one who chooses the price you want to charge and according to that, you are contacted by advertisers who are interested in appearing in the media you have registered.


Very much in the style of Publisuites, designed more for bloggers and website owners, rather than influencers, but which also has the option of adding your Instagram account.

You choose the price within the suggestions they make to you.


It is not focused on 1 country market like the two previous ones, but it is also one of the most powerful.

They require you to have at least 5,000 real followers to register with them.

A sponsored photo will be paid at an average of $2 for every 1,000 followers you have. That is to say, if an advertiser hires you to put a post and you have 10,000 followers, they will pay you around $10 and if you have 500,000, well, 1,000 is not bad at all, right?

Calculate now what Paula Echeverria, who has almost 2 million followers, can be paid... $4,000 for a post on Instagram!


This platform works a little differently than all the previous ones and is quite original.

It is based on the fact that any media can have its own list of influencers through which it can send offers to its influencers, for the campaigns it wants.

To register you have to send them a message in the form at the bottom of their page.

Once you sign up, the advertisers will be able to find you and add you to their lists, so that you can be taken into account in every campaign they send.

Sell your presets

This is for professionals only. To be an Instagramer you have to be a photographer and you can learn that from real Instagram professional photographers, those who are behind the camera than in front of it.

Presets are default effects, usually generated by Lightroom, that many Instagram accounts that help you be a better photographer make available.

Lightroom course

Here are two examples:

Lauren Bullen and Jack Morris are the couple who formed this account with over 2.7 million followers and have turned it into a real business.

They impress you with their photos and then sell you their presets.

You can learn a lot from them, both in creating spectacular photos, and in ways to monetize an Instagram account and everything around it.

And this instagrammer mentor also sells really good presets, but he's nicer and gives you some to start messing around with.

He sells affiliate products

Sell affiliate products: How to Make Money with Instagram and Why You Shouldn’t Buy Instagram Followers: eAskme

There are many online stores that give you a percentage for each sale you make through their links.

For example, if you take a super photo with a drone and upload it to your Instagram account, you can indicate that the photo is taken with that particular drone and that it can be purchased through the link you provide, for example at Amazon or Gearbest, two large online stores that accept affiliates.

That's what, for example, the Instagramers couple from @doyoutravel does once again.

You can find affiliates for almost any kind of product. With a simple Google search, you can find the ideal affiliate for your profile.

For example if you want to find fitness related affiliates, search for fitness affiliates, or if you want to find cosmetic related affiliates search for cosmetic affiliates.

Please note that on Instagram you can only put one link in your description, don't forget to mention it in your pictures so they go there and click.

One of the links that you see more and more, especially in fashion instagrammers, is their 21Button profiles, which is like an instagram, but only fashionable, and where you can click on the clothes to buy them.

This way you can earn money with your looks.

How to make a fashion blog and earn money with it

How to make a fashion blog and earn money with it: Make money with Instagram: eAskme

He has already taken note of that on Instagram and is starting to offer that feature as well.

Sell your photos

On canvas, T-shirts and everything else you can think of.

You can sell your Instagram photos. There are many ways, you can make canvases with your printed and signed photos, t-shirts, phone covers and send them to your fans. It may sound silly, but a New Yorker made over $15,000 in one day.

One site where you can do all this is

On photo marketplaces

You can also sell your photos without creating any objects. One of the main marketplaces to sell your Instagram photos to any company that might be interested is

Set up your own shop

If you have a lot of followers you can take advantage of them and sell your own merchandising products.

You can have your Instagram pictures with your own t-shirt models and sell them in your own shop.

You can set up an online store in minutes, with your own custom products on

For every sale you make of your products you get 30% of their value and you only have to design your own products and promote them.

Sell your Instagram account

You can also sell your Instagram account.

Many people sell them through classified advertising portals, but ideally through specialized platforms such as
  • FameSwap
  • TuitBox

Tips to boost your Instagram account

make Money with Instagram: Tips to boost your Instagram account: eAskme

But to make money with Instagram you not only have to have good pictures, you also have to have people following you.

From 5,000 followers is when a brand may be interested in sponsoring you.

Here are a few tips on how to gain a following on Instagram and become more influential.

There are some very useful tools to get the most out of your Instagram account, which is a must if you want to become a pro at this.

On, you can view your most influential followers, great for finding out who you need to increase your interactions with.

Another trick is to follow other users, so they can return the follow.

A good way to do this is to see the followers of a profile similar to yours that might be interested in following you.

Make likes and comments on profiles with many followers and of course upload at least one good photo a day with hashtags that have many posts.

Here are some more tips for getting more followers on your Instagram account.

All you need is a camera, a mobile phone and you win.

And don't worry, you don't need to travel, anywhere there are places like the ones you see on Instagram's most famous accounts, you just have to find them, like the pokemon, follow your dreams...

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