September 09, 2020

How Can You Improve the Odds of Finding a Job?

Hunting for a job these days can be pretty hard and the competition is constantly growing, especially after a lot of people lost their jobs during the Covid-19 pandemic. While there are some industries that are hiring all the time, this practice does not apply everywhere.

Moreover, you have to go up against hundreds of other people who are applying for the same position as you.

How Can You Improve the Odds of Finding a Job?: eAskme
How Can You Improve the Odds of Finding a Job?: eAskme

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Therefore, you need to find smart ways to outshine your competitors and make yourself look perfect for the particular work position that you want to land.

The problem of finding employment will not solve on its own, thus you need to take action and have an effective strategy for landing your dream job.

You will have to take a proactive approach if you want positive results.

Here are some suggestions that will help you improve the odds of landing a job - we hope you find these helpful.

Suggestion #1 – Improve Your Resume

A mediocre resume will not get you anywhere. You need to make sure that you have prepared the best possible resume.

And if you are planning to apply for the job you always wanted, then you should not lack motivation to do so.

The article of 7 of the best cv examples and tips to inspire your job search is a good source for looking at what a good resume should look like.

Of course, it does not mean that you should copy everything word for word.

Even though you are trying to sell yourself as a perfect employee for the position, you still need to think through what you are offering.

Because it is very likely that if it is your dream job, you will want to stay in the company for a longer period of time. And to do so, you need to feel comfortable and happy with the tasks that you are given.

Make relevant adjustments

Also, proofread multiple times so that there are no typos left. Even a few grammatical errors will give you a bad look and decrease the odds of getting an interview, especially if your future job is associated with writing.

Suggestion #2 – Volunteer

Lack of real job experience is one of the biggest obstacles and factors that demotivate young people.

You will struggle to find a job if you do not have any prior experience.

And finding opportunities to get relevant experience is even harder in some instances.

So what is the answer to this problem? Well, it is volunteering.p

Even if you do not get paid, it is still better to gain valuable skills and experience so that you actually have something to put in your resume.

Look for opportunities to do volunteer work and make the most out of them because there will be others who will try to get ahead of you.

And who knows, maybe volunteering will help you find out what your true passion is - who you want to become in the future and what is it that you like to do.

Suggestion #3 – Plan Ahead

Keeping close tabs on the job market is a good idea. You could potentially be thinking about leaving your current job.

But taking a risk and quitting if you do not have something else lined up seems pretty risky, right?

Certain jobs, even if they are not seasonal, are more likely to hire during particular times.

The more information you gather, the higher your chances of being the one who gets the job.

Suggestion #4 – Use Every Job Search Source

Do not limit yourself to just a single job search source. There should be multiple platforms that have listings with available positions.

Checking local ads is also worth considering, even if you are not a big fan of papers.

Some people go as far as calling potential employers directly, even if there are no open positions at the time.

Social media is another source that you need to pay more attention to, as there are more and more job ads posted there every day.

Suggestion #5 – Spend Time Researching Companies

You can further increase your odds of gaining an advantage over other potential candidates by researching the company.

It is recommended that a job interview is not one-sided. You should be asking questions about the company as well.

This way, you will show that you have done the research and care about the job more than other candidates.

Suggestion #6 – Practice for Interviews

Practicing for interviews is difficult. Again, this is something that comes with experience, but how many opportunities do you have to go to a real job interview?

Not to mention that constant failure is quite demotivating.

Ideally, you should have another person to help you. Act different roles and make your practice be as genuine as possible.

Try to think of potential questions and think of answers that would stand out.

People who stick to generic stuff are less likely to get invited for a second interview.

Suggestion #7 – Network Regularly

More often than not, it is not about what you can do, but who you know. The more connections you have, the more opportunities you will have to get a job.

Sure, there are plenty of nepotism examples in the world, and not everyone wants to take this approach, but it helps to know the right people.

Look for opportunities to connect with others.

Be active on social media platforms like LinkedIn. Advertising yourself on LinkedIn can open many new doors.

Go out and attend live events.

Volunteer and make the most out of every chance you get. It is impossible to know when a person you meet could help you in the future.

Suggestion #8 – Learn New Skills

Stagnation is not a positive thing, especially when it comes to working. You should want to improve constantly.

Learning new skills can be the difference-maker between you getting the job and having to look for one again.

Moreover, if you have a skill set that is relevant to your desired position, you will feel more confident going in for an interview.

If you still have any question, feel free to ask me.

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