July 12, 2020

10 Easiest Online Jobs for College Students

"Best online jobs", "genuine online jobs for students", "Legitimate online jobs for college students" etc. are some of the recent and most common searches on Google did by every student in some part of their time.

But do you find some genuine way to earn money from your home?

Well, the answer is a no as mostly after searching you land up either in some fake work assignments or earn not even a penny which makes you drop interest from doing any further searches.

10 Easiest Online Jobs for College Students: eAskme
10 Easiest Online Jobs for College Students: eAskme
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College students can easily make some extra money online as there are so many part time jobs available on the internet that you can do from the comfort of your home only.

Below I am going to tell you about some genuine online jobs that will make you earn some money easily.

1. Freelance Work

Freelance writing work is considered as one of the best and genuine way to earn some good amount of money from your home comfort.

If you have the skill of writing and have some good thoughts that you can implement in words then this job is for you.

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The payment is fixed either on per words or per project or may be on hourly rates. You can opt for this job in your free time and earn some good amount of money as well.

Moreover, there is no time slab of working; one can do this work in their free time also.

Up Work, Fiverr etc. are some of the popular sites for best freelance jobs for you.

2. Create your own YouTube channel

If you have a good knowledge of something may be about computer hacks or some electronic tricks or may be something that you think that you can make video easily and it can be viral too.

Then YouTube is the best platform for you to earn.

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Just make some good and cool videos, informative though and upload it on your own YouTube channel.

Once you start getting some good views on your videos then you can be offered some ads to show on your videos from which you can earn some good money.

3. Do Online Surveys

Online survey is the only thing that doesn’t need any background skills or any thorough knowledge of anything.

You are paid in online surveys for giving your opinions to some products or services.

Although money paid from the survey is not fixed and neither you can earn a big amount from it that you can pay bills or rent.

You can do online surveys just to get some side penny as it doesn't require any skill or some deep knowledge so you can always opt for this in your free time.

4. Be an Online Tutor

If you have a good academic knowledge then you can use this to earn online easily. Yes, you can apply online at Tutor and teach students the subjects you are best at.

Not only academics but if you are good at music, art, fashion or something then you can teach this online too.

There are many students who seek some tutor online. And of course, you get a good payout for this.

5. Data Entry Work

Data entry or you can say copy/paste work also. You will be given a spreadsheet or doc file from where you have to copy details and descriptions of some products and put them on the website provided.

It’s a repetitive work so once you learn the work well you can do it easily and in a short time.

Data entry work won’t pay you a lot but as the work is simple and most of the time repetitive so you can prefer to do this in your spare time.

One of the big task here is to find real data entry jobs because most of the companies are scam.

You don’t need to pay for getting any data entry job because real companies never ask for signup fee.

6. Sell your Photographs

Yes, you got it right; you can earn some money by selling your own photography also.

If you are good in taking photos and capturing yourself then you can find many advertisers looking for photos.

Even some article writers need some fresh face in their work.

If your photos satisfy and complete their needs then they can use your photo in ad banner or in their article as per the needs and you will be paid for that. "iStockphoto” is one such platform where you can upload your photo and earn money.

7. Be a Transcriptionist

Well, this position requires no experience at much, you will be given audios that you have to listen properly and type what you hear.

 Although no experience needed, you need to pay attention to hear all details correctly and feed.

This work gives you a good payout, but if you make mistakes in what you hear and type then you won't be paid.

8. Be a T-shirts designer

If you are a good graphic designer and love to make some cool design and arts in your spare time, then this will be a perfect job for you.

Many sites like Sazzle and Teespring are made for you where you can go and upload your self-made designs for t shirts as a recommendation and if it got selected then you will be paid for your design.

9. Virtual Assisting Job.

It is a type of secretarial work but you can do this online also. Your work includes scheduling appointments, making calls to clients, organizing emails just like an office secretary would do.

This job gives you a feel of a 9-5 job but it's not the one. You can work as per your own time slab and can handle one or two clients at a time.

10. Be a Search Engine Evaluator

In this job, you will be getting paid for surfing the web. You just have to test few search engines and provide your honest feedbacks.

Search engines put a lot of efforts in creating and updating their algorithm but a machine is a machine and yes makes some errors so they need humans sometimes for checking the algorithms.

You can become search engine evaluator and work with search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and more for testing and evaluate search algorithms.

You will be assigned certain keywords or may be a list of, and you have to perform a search query on those given keywords one by one.

The work is to look the search results that you get and give them feedbacks on basis of accuracy, relevancy, and usefulness.

Final Words:

Above mentioned jobs are for online work that a college student can do in his spare time. One should always remember that these jobs won't make you rich.

But can definitely provide you money from which you can manage your daily needs easily.

You don't need to apply for or do all the above-mentioned jobs. Just go through them and choose the one that suits you best in terms of your talent and capabilities.

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