November 30, 2020

6 Unique Dating Ideas

By Sona Mathews

Are you going on a date? Do you want to make your date impressive? If yes, then you must know some of the crazy or unique date ideas. Your dating idea will help you make the first impression, which is essential for taking the next step.

6 Unique Date Ideas
6 Unique Date Ideas: eAskme

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To make your date memorable, you need to know these dating ideas.

Trekking Date:

If you both are adventurous people then going on trekking will be fun.

But, the same time you will not all alone as you will be trekking with the group.

The best thing about trekking date is that you will not only get the chance to be with nature but also have time with your date in the most exotic or romantic natural place.

You can also find unique places or situations to record your dating experience during trekking such as snowfall, temporary bridge, etc.

Go for Drinks:

If you want to take your date to the safest and most used place, then Bar or Jazz club will be your choice.

It will be an adventurous date where you both will be sharing the moment with drinks and talk.

You can grab some best red wine and bottled water.

Visit a tourist hot spot:

Visiting a tourist hot spot is quite fascinating. But not everyone likes it when it comes to date.

You need to make sure that your date is comfortable with your idea.

Then decide the place where you can make things romantic between you.

Visit a Psychic:

Do you both want to know your future?

If yes, then psychic reading is something that will be interesting for you. Visit a psychic to know about your future or future prediction.

Go for a Ride:

Do you have a car? If yes, then you can take your date on a long ride. This can be a hot, sexy and romantic date that you both will remember.

But don’t rush.

Make sure that you both want to go on a long ride.

You can also choose a destination where you want to visit or enjoy the nightlife. This will help you explore more about each other.

Play Video Games:

If you both are indoor people who love video games, then choose video games to be your unique dating idea.

Choose a game or a couple of romantic games.

Don’t choose competitions which are rough or trigger anger. You can choose racing games, adventurous, etc.


These are unique dating ideas. But there are more.

I have also shared various dating advice to make your date or relationship better. You can find everything here.

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