March 03, 2024

Small Business On Social Media: Habits You Need To Adopt In 2024

Today, social media has grabbed the attention of every business, be it big or small. These channels and platforms are ideal to connect with the target audience and make them aware of what you have to offer.

There are plenty of small companies that are now only using social media to give their businesses a headstart.

This is because the initial investment of marketing via these channels is a lot less than any other form of media.

Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube are a few of the commonly used social media channels.

Small Business On Social Media: Habits You Need To Adopt In 2024: eAskme
Small Business On Social Media: Habits You Need To Adopt In 2024: eAskme

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Each of these platforms is equipped with its own set of algorithms and internal tools. It is important that your team is trained enough to read insights and analyze these algorithms.

To ensure this, you can host quick, short, and relevant training sessions for your employees with the help of a learning management system (LMS).

It is nothing but a cloud-based platform that makes it a cakewalk for you to create and execute training sessions. One such tool is Thinkfic.

Thinkfic reviews suggest how this tool is the right platform for small businesses, thanks to the many features and pricing model that it offers.

There are several habits that employees of small businesses should develop. You can read about the same in the article below:

Always develop a plan:

Like every other business strategy, social media also starts with a realistic and well-detailed plan.

It is true that organic posting seems like a walk in the park, but without proper planning and execution, all the efforts might go in vain.

Without a plan, you won’t have any goals, and without goals, you will be directionless.

Start with setting up some SMART goals for your social media strategy. Make sure you base your goals on the research of your competition.

Learn about how your competitors are using social media and what improvements you can make for your own business.

It is important to set up a plan before pouncing on social media marketing for your brands.

Figure out the right platform for your type of business:

Now, there are plenty of social media platforms that are now available. Just because everyone is use everything does not mean it is working out for them.

Hence, it is often suggested that you figure out which platforms will work in the favor of you and which won’t.

Each of these platforms has a different set of audience.

These could be different in terms of age, reasons, professions, and more. Hence, you need to learn about where your audience resides the maximum.

For instance, LinkedIn is a professional networking tool.

This would be a great platform for you if you are selling a course or a training tool for the corporates.

Learn about your audience:

When you have no idea who you are selling your products or services to, you won’t be able to create a strategy.

Thus, it is always best to research and learn as much as you can about your audience. This is where a buyer persona comes into the picture.

A bio persona is a hypothetical profile of your target customer.

This is created after compiling the data that you can collect by maybe a survey and social media analytics to create a picture.

Social media algorithms are such that when you know your audience, you can easily target your paid advertisements and your brand tone to them.


Social media might seem easy when you see from afar.

However, once you dive into the pool and dig deeper, you will understand the struggles that social media brings with it.

These platforms are some of the best ones to reach larger audiences at once but it is important to have a proper strategy in place for it to work.

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