July 08, 2021

How to Earn 10X More Traffic from Instagram for free?

To earn traffic from Instagram, you need to use clickable links. Clickable links at Instagram are an easy way to drive traffic to your website. But the issue is that Instagram is not very friendly with website links.

You cannot link to your regular posts on Instagram.

How to 10X Earn Traffic from Instagram for free? eAskme
How to 10X Earn Traffic from Instagram for free? eAskme


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Yet, you can drive traffic to your website by following today’s tips.

Let’s discuss the ways to add clickable links and earn free traffic from Instagram to your website.

Instagram Bio Link:

When you create a new profile at Instagram, you will see the option to add your website link. That link can help you earn a lot of traffic from Instagram.

For this you need to update your link with:

  • New post
  • New event page
  • New product launch page
  • New lead page
  • New campaign page

To make people consider clicking your link, you need to add Call to action in your Instagram Bio.

Here are the examples of CTA in Instagram Bio:

  • “Click the link in bio to learn more about...”
  • “Read the latest post at the link in Instagram Bio...”
  • “For more details, visit the link in the bio...”

But changing link every time is a bothersome process.

You do not want to lead the audience to the page which you have not updated in the last 6 months.

To avoid such situations, you must take the help of “Link in Bio” tools.

But “Link in Bio” will not do everything on its own. Be consistent when using Instagram.

Make sure that every time you have something interesting to share with your audience and this will make them come to your bio again and again.

Tag Products or services with Instagram Shopping posts:

Instagram shopping allows you to tag products with shoppable posts:

  • Use Product Sticker in Instagram Stories.
  • Use up to 5 tags in video pots or standard Instagram posts.
  • Use up to 20 tags with carousel posts.

Use the Instagram Shopping tab to check the range of tagged products.

These Instagram features are the right places for the audience to visit your pages by clicking the link.

This is an organic strategy to get traffic from Instagram shopping feature.

To use this feature, you must do these things;

  • Signup for business profile
  • Connect to Facebook catalogue
  • Must adhere to Instagram’s eligibility criteria

Link in IGTV posts:

IGTV posts also allow links in the post description.

If the user taps the post title, then he will see the description.

To get maximum traffic from IGTV, you must encourage the users to click the link in the description.

Links in Instagram Stories:

Instagram users with 10,000 followers or with a verified account can add links in Instagram stories.

It will display as “See More.”

The best way to make people click the See more button is by making frame free posts.

Curate Highlights:

Using highlight is the best strategy to grab more traffic from instagram.

This is the way to feature stories permanently on your profile.

Tip: Don’t put every single story in highlight.

Use evergreen stories or stories that get maximum interaction.

Links in Instagram Direct Messages:

Start a conversation with your followers.

Welcome every new follower, and send relevant questions to them.

Draft messages and use those messages to share with followers at Instagram.

Only send link when it is necessary.

Push Notifications:

Push notification is the less used feature.

Only the people who follow you on Instagram will get notifications.

Making people select the push notifications is the excellent way to boost traffic to your website.

Connect with Instagram Influencers:

You will face challenges if you;

  • Can’ link instagram stories
  • Fewer views on IGTV
  • Low Instagram presence

In this case, the most effective way is to partner with Instagram partners.

Only target those Instagram influencers whose content is related to your blog, business or website.

Get the help of Instagram influencers to manage Call to action in your posts.

Action buttons on Instagram:

Use can use action buttons on your Instagram profile. But these actions buttons should be related to your target.


Instagram is a great place to get maximum traffic for your website or blog. But how effectively you manage it, tells the story of your social traffic from Instagram.

If you still have any question, do share via comments.

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