December 09, 2020

Facebook Revealed Topics and Trends for 2021

By Sona Mathews

Facebook has published a 40-page report sharing the important topic and trends in 2021.

This new Facebook document shows that Facebook collects data on essential topics from Instagram and Facebook.

Facebook Revealed Topics and Trends for 2021: eAskme
Facebook Revealed Topics and Trends for 2021: eAskme

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This data has helped Facebook to predict the most important topics and trends for 2021.

Facebook has managed the essential topics and trends in 4 important categories;

  • Education and Action
  • Technology
  • Lifestyle
  • Leisure

Education and Action:

United States:

In education and action category, Facebook has shared social media trends where people are learning about politics and society across the United States of America and the world.

These educational trends are influencing people’s action.

Facebook shared the example of the “Black Lives Matter” movement.

With this example, Facebook has shared how Instagram and Facebook users are taking action and gaining an education.


Facebook has also shared how people in Australia are education and taking action. Australian users are more interested in books. They talk and share about books and authors.

People on Facebook and Instagram are interested in joining books clubs online top connect with others interested in similar books.

Facebook has predicted that talks related to history, authors and literature will keep trending in 2021.


Facebook has also shared that in Brazil, people will go beyond textbooks. People are sharing audiobooks, videos and podcasts, to educate others and influence actions.

In 2021, people will actively participate in ebooks, video streaming, chat rooms, Facebook groups and pages.

Facebook Lifestyle Trends 2021:

Lifestyle trends have shifted from home to outside the world.

People are concerned about eco-friendly products, green vacations, travel and beauty products. People are now more interested in healthy food and dieticians.

In 2021 Lifestyle Topics and Trends report, Facebook has analyzed the data from the United States, Uk and Canada during the pandemic era.

Popular Lifestyle topics and trends include work at home, DIY and gardening etc.

United Kingdom Gardening Stats shows the Importance:

The latest Facebook report highlights gardening trends, such as soil, kitchen gardening, etc.

The United States Casual Culture:

Facebook has talked about Casual Culture in this report.

According to Facebook report, Causal Culture reflects that people do not care about their outlooks such as fashion or haircut.

Now consumer focuses more on self-care and comfortable clothes when going live on Facebook.

Canadian Home Trends:

Canadian home trends are all about focusing on home. It includes a home makeover, accommodation activities, etc.

Topics also cover school space, work out space, backyard fix, etc.

Facebook Technology:

Facebook 2021 topics and trends report show the technology trends in different countries.

India Expanding connection:

Since the beginning or COVID19, people are spending more time online.

Still, almost 50% population is trying to connect with the internet using broadband services.

Home entertainment, eCommerce, and education are viral topics in Indian technology trends.

Mexico: NEO banking

Facebook shows that Mexico is moving towards digital banking.

Neo banks do not have any physical address. New financial trends will be part of the people in Mexico.

Australia Hybrid shopping:

Australians are more interested in hybrid shopping. People are looking for shopping with pick and shopping with delivery.


Facebook 2021 Topics and Trends report show how online shopping is gaining popularity, and people are more interested in online goods.

People are trying to make their lives better.

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