January 28, 2021

Demystifying University Life: Six Things University Freshmen Should Keep In Mind

What Is University Life Actually Like?

For those who have yet to experience university life, the thought of it is both exciting and daunting.

Some students look forward to a taste of freedom and taking their first steps into adulthood while others are nervous about having to adjust to a new environment.

Demystifying University Life: Six Things University Freshmen Should Keep In Mind: eAskme
Demystifying University Life: Six Things University Freshmen Should Keep In Mind: eAskme

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Granted, no one will know for sure what their life in the university will be like — multiple factors like what school you go to, what course you study and your character all play a part in shaping your college experience.

However, there are a few things that almost all students go through, or come to realize, during their time in university.

Lucky for you, we are here to demystify university life and share some pointers that all prospective university students should know. Keep reading to find out more!

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1. Everyone is just as anxious to make friends as you are

Ask any university freshmen about their main concern when entering university and it’ll most likely be making friends.

This isn’t surprising — you’re entering a new environment and probably don’t know anyone.

But don’t let this intimidate you, everyone is facing the same challenge as you. In fact, other students are no doubt as concerned as you about making friends.

It may seem unnerving at first, but stepping out of your comfort zone and making the first move is a good start to making new friends.

Start by introducing yourself to your classmates or orientation group mates, you will find that many of them will be grateful that you did.

2. There’s rarely a right or wrong answer

Another thing most university freshmen are worried about is speaking up during lectures or answering a professor’s question.

Many students are afraid of saying the ‘wrong’ answer and embarrassing themselves in front of the entire class.

However, when you enter university, you’ll start to realize that the things you learn aren’t always black and white.

In fact, most lecturers or professors aren’t looking for definitive answers but rather your perspective towards the topic.

They’re interesting to see your thought process and hear how you argue your point.

As such, whether or not you feel confident in your answer, it’s always good to speak up and share your thoughts.

Not only do you contribute to the discussion but other students in the class might also share the same viewpoint.

Whatsmore, once you get the ball rolling, you’ll find that other students will be more willing to speak up as well.

3. Awkward social situations are as much a part of university life as they are anywhere

Unlike those pictures of happy laughing students you often see on university brochures or websites, your university life won’t always be a bed of roses.

This is not to say that you’ll experience hardship and humiliation every step of your university journey but a reminder that awkward social situations are an inevitable part of life.

You’ll meet people you don’t like or can’t stand; you may get into arguments with unreasonable group mates; someone may spread unfair and false rumors about you; you may feel like the odd one out during your first few weeks; whatever it may be, don’t let these situations get you down!

Everyone encounters awkward social situations regardless of age or gender.

Just remember not to dwell on them for too long or let them distract you from your studies.

4. You can’t “wing it” with university work

Though you may have gotten good grades in high school, there’s no telling whether you’ll do well in university as well.

When entering university, many freshmen realize there’s a steep learning curve.

Putting in the extra hours to study and make sure you understand what’s being taught is something you shouldn’t skip out on.

Many students make the mistake of brushing aside things they don’t understand with the hopes of coming back to it later.

But let’s face it, with the extracurricular activities, exams, and heavy workload in university, it’s hard to carve out time for revision.

In some universities, your first-year grades determine whether you can remain in the degree program.

As such, it’s crucial not to skimp out on studying.

Make sure you understand the topics that were taught during the week before moving on or spending your time doing other stuff.

5. A part-time job is often a necessity

University tuition fees aren’t cheap.

Plus, if you stay on-campus, you’ll have to worry about housing fees and daily expenses as well.

That’s why you’ll find that many university students take on part-time jobs to offset these expenses as well as to earn some extra pocket money.

Getting a part-time job may be tiring at first.

After all, you’ll have less free time to spend on recreational activities. But, you’ll also have the chance to gain working experience and new skills.

What’s more, when applying for internships or jobs in the future, many workplaces look for applicants with working experience so a part-time job is something you can add to your CV.

Many universities have no qualms with students taking up part-time jobs.

In fact, most run their own job sites so finding a part-time job that you’re interested in and works well with your schedule isn’t hard.

Just remember, when taking up a part-time job, don’t sacrifice your studies for the sake of earning extra money.

6. University isn’t just about partying

The biggest misconception that students have before entering university is that college life is all about partying.

Sure, you’re bound to attend some parties throughout your three or four years of studying.

However, your university experience shouldn’t revolve around partying.

Many students think that partying is the only way to expand their social circles or not seem like a social outcast. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

There are many other social activities you can take part in to make friends.

All universities have clubs and societies where you’ll be able to meet people who share similar interests as you.

Do what you like during your free time.

Don’t let peer pressure dictate what you do, especially if you’re someone who’d rather spend a quiet night in than attend a party.


University life is a time that many students look forward to.

You will have many opportunities to explore what you want to be in the future, as well as make friends from all walks of life.

So, treasure this moment in your life, and don’t take it for granted!

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