June 26, 2019

7 Things Every Student Should Know about Money

What’s the greatest challenge that all students face? Sure; you have too many classes and outrageous assignments. You have to take countless exams before you finally get that degree in your hands.

But if we’re weighing out struggles, money concepts take the priority.

It’s something you’re facing all the time.

7 Things Every Student Should Know about Money: eAskme
7 Things Every Student Should Know about Money: eAskme
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It’s not an exam that stresses you out and then goes away.

It’s a persistent worry that prevents you from getting the most out of your years at college.

You know what? These problems will go away, eventually. You just need to stay persistent and learn a few things that help you manage your finances in the best way possible.

7 Money Tips for College Student:

Coupons Are a Real Thing:

All businesses in college towns want to attract students.

Since there are many students that they can convert into customers, they are willing to give bigger discounts to this category of their target audience.

So they release coupons and deals.

Don’t be lazy! Browse through websites that feature coupons and ask around.

It’s okay to eat a nice dinner out or buy some new clothes.

Just make sure to get those things with a discount! Groupon is a student’s best friend!

Sometimes You Spend Money to Save Money:

Saving money is a big deal at college.

You know what your budget is and you have a precise plan on how to spend it.

So, when you struggle with a course or an assignment, you don’t hire a tutor or a writer because you have to save money.

But in this case, failing the course is a much greater waste of money.

By investing a smaller amount in EduBirdie writing service, you make a smart financial decision.

The same rule applies to buying a laptop, new shoes, or even clothes.

When you spend a bit more on better quality, you don’t have to buy the items that often.

So, you save on a yearly basis.

Think about that!

You don’t need seven pairs of fashionable sneakers.

You need a single one, but it has to be great.

Apps Can Help You Manage Finances

  • Do you know how much money you spend every day?

  • Do you have a plan for the expenses that are mandatory for the month?
Apps can help with that!

Mint is a great app that helps you to track your income and expenses. Use it!

You Can Work as a Freelancer

We all know the recipe that solves the problem when students need money for college.

They get a job, right?

But the usual choices include working at a bar, restaurant, or a local store.

Those jobs take a lot of time and it’s not easy to fit them in your schedule.

There’s something better: freelancing. If you have skills in writing, graphic design, photography, data science, or programming, you can easily earn money by working for few hours per day. 

You Shouldn’t Buy New Textbooks:

And I mean - never! If a textbook came out this year and you absolutely need it, you can buy it.

But you know what?

If the textbook isn’t a brand new edition and you want to buy it, you can easily find a used one in good condition through Amazon.

Cooking Saves You Money:

If you eat out regularly, you spend a lot of money on food. If you buy fast food, you still spend money and you’re not eating well.

The best way to save money on food is to cook!

You can find great items with discounted prices at the local store.

You’ll find countless easy recipes on how to prepare healthy and tasty food. You’ll love it!

Now Is the Time to Think about Student Debt:

The bad thing about student debt is that when you take a loan, it feels refreshing.

You don’t have to think about it for a few years.

When the time for paying it off comes, you hope you won’t even feel it.

Yeah; all students have those hopes.

But you know what?

You won’t feel the debt only if you keep it minimal. Instead of relying on debt whenever you need money, you should think about working your way through college.

Freelancing is a great thing; you should try it!

Another way to avoid debt is through a scholarship. If you keep your GPA high and you keep applying for different scholarship programs, you’ll win one, eventually.

Don’t Let Money Worries Ruin the Fun of College Life:

It’s important to get the best out of the limited budget you currently have.

It’s possible to have a great time at college without being rich.

You’ll still party and hang out with your friends.

The good thing is that you’ll gain the skill of budgeting.

You’ll benefit from it throughout your entire life.
  • Why buy new textbooks when you can use second-hand ones?
  • Why can’t you cook your own food and have fun while doing it?
  • Why wouldn’t you join a freelancing platform and get some work experience while studying?
The above-listed tips are not that restrictive, but they still save you a lot of money.


Alvin Franklin is a freelance writer, blogger, and aspiring Instagram influencer. He knows a lot about saving money and he shares the experiences through his blog and social media profiles. Alvin is passionate about writing and found a way to turn it into a full-time job.

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