March 14, 2024

Facebook Displaying Context Labels to Pages in News Feed

Facebook announced the news labels for the articles that the followers can see in the news feed. 

This Facebook update will help to provide context to the page displaying article in the news feed.

Right now, this Facebook context label update for Facebook pages is limited to the USA only. This means that only the US Facebook users can see content to the articles from the pages displaying in their news feed section.

Facebook Displaying Context Labels to Pages in News Feed: eAskme
Facebook Displaying Context Labels to Pages in News Feed: eAskme

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But, soon, Facebook will roll out this context label update worldwide.

Till now, we have seen the following labels on Facebook pages in the news feed;

  • Fan page
  • Public Official
  • Satire Page

Facebook Pages Context:

It is always important to understand the context of what you see in your Facebook news feed. This will help you understand why that article or information is there.

Labeling articles in the news feed help people to know the nature of the post.

There are times when people take satire too seriously, and this can cause issues. Labeling such an article as satire make people understand that is it just a fun thing.

For example, here is the news, which is satire but looks like a real news video.

screenshot of a “news” report by the satire site: eAskme

Who Will Label the Facebook Pages:

FAQs says that Pages can label themselves to avoid confusion. This will help pages to avoid wrong labels.

Facebook Pages Context: eAskme

As a Facebook page admin, you may want to use labels on your own, but you must understand that the labels should only be relevant to the content and page context. This update is in the test phase, and Facebook may choose to add more labels in the coming days.

We welcome Facebook labels because they will help our readers or visitors on Facebook understand the article's content in their news feed without doing anything extra.

What do you think?

Have you seen the Facebook context label on any page in your news feed?

Do you want to understand Facebook better than others?

If yes, then stay tuned with use for more updates.

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