April 01, 2021

Facebook Updates: Control Comment Reach, News Feed Filters, and Feed Recommendations

The new Facebook updates come with the ability to control who can see, comment, and news feed filters. The new Facebook updates will help users to improve their Facebook user experience.

Facebook has been updating its platform and launching new features for a long time.

Facebook Users Can Now Limit Who Can Comment on Their Posts: eAskme
Facebook Users Can Now Limit Who Can Comment on Their Posts: eAskme

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The new Facebook update features more control on user experience on this social media giant.

Users can now control who can comment on their posts and use news feed filters.

With this Facebook features update, now users can do the following things;

  • Control the number of people who can comment on their posts.
  • Filter news feed for exciting content.
  • Understand why Facebook displays recommended posts in the news feed.

And, today I am explaining these new Facebook updates.

Users can Restrict Comments on Posts:

Facebook Users Can Now Limit Who Can Comment on Their Posts: eAskme

Facebook users can now restrict people from commenting on their posts, even if the post is public. You can do it by changing settings at the account level or use it for individual posts.

All you need to do is to select whom you want to allow to comment on your posts, such as;

  • Public
  • Friends
  • People and Pages

You can also restrict people from commenting on your posts;

  • Go to the post where you want to limit comments.
  • Click the three dots … menu.
  • Choose “Who Can comment on your post.”
  • Choose who is allowed to comment on your Facebook posts.

People who are not in the list of selected audiences will not see any comment section under your Facebook post.

Use Facebook News Feed Filters:

The existing Facebook news feed filters will improve the way you control your news feed.

Use Facebook News Feed Filters: eAskme

Using Feed Filter Bar, you can access “Most Recent” and “Favorite” filters.

Facebook News Feed Favorite Filter:

Using the Favorite filter, you can select up to 30 pages or posts to view their content in the news feed.

Posts from these selected profiles and pages will appear on top of the news feed.

To access Favorite news feed filter:

  • Go to the top right of “Facebook.”
  • Go to “Settings and Privacy”
  • Click “News Feed Preferences”
  • Click “Manage favorites.”
  • Select persons or pages.

You cannot add Facebook groups to Favorite list.

Most Recent Filter

Using the Most recent news feed filter, you can set the news feed to chronological order.

News Feed Recommendations:

Facebook is improving. “Why I am seeing this? Feature. This time it is about adding more value to the user experience.

Facebook News Feed Recommendations: eAskme

People can see posts from groups and pages even if they are not following them. Now the content from friends, groups, and pages that Facebook users follow will display as recommendations.

Final Words:

Facebook is a social media giant because of the features it offer to it's users.

What do you think?

Which Facebook features you find useful?

There will be more updations and features that will join the Facebook Platform in the coming days, weeks, or months.

Stay tuned with us to stay updated.

In case of any questions, feel free to ask me via comments.

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