April 05, 2021

All the Reasons to Choose Neteller as Your go-to Payment Method

By Sona Mathews

The Canadian Neteller has been on the market for over 20 years now. It’s also a brand from the prestigious Paysafe Group, which gives it extra mojo.

However, there are many other qualities with which Neteller can impress you, with security being foremost.

Why pick it, you ask?

Apart from its quick processing speed, it’s security where Neteller shines.

All the Reasons to Choose Neteller as Your go-to Payment Method: eAskme
All the Reasons to Choose Neteller as Your go-to Payment Method: eAskme

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Its nearly flawless system made numerous online businesses associate with it.

Even those that operate with potentially large sums, like online casinos. Most of them accept it as a payment method, and punters enjoy its benefits.

Firstly, Neteller deposits process instantly, sparing you of refreshing the casino’s page over and over.

Also, the processing fees on withdrawals are relatively low, around 1,45% per transaction.

Using this e-wallet might seem hard, but it’s only an appearance: in case you want to deposit at an online casino, firstly, you must learn how to use Neteller for online gambling.

Creating a Neteller account implies choosing from over 28 currencies and validate your account using a security code.

An overview

Neteller launched in 1999. Even though it would take a while to rise to prominence, its utility as an online casino payment was visible from the start.

In 2000, it turned to the iGaming market, soon processing over 85% of gambling firms’ transactions.

It did face some problems, however, significantly when the United States restricted its access.

The US went back on its decision in 2007, giving Neteller enough room to thrive and become a favorite among customers.

What are its functionalities?

Since 2003, Neteller transactions require a Net+ card. This is its most revolutionary aspect with regards to security.

Why is that?

Because if an unauthorized person tries to transact funds with this card, it will stop them from doing so.

The card came in both prepaid and virtual forms, catering to your immediate needs. However, do not think that Neteller was going for tribal marketing with its initiative.

You are free to transfer cash in any corner of the world, and the recipient does not need to be a fellow user.

Also, it allows storing cash online, no matter the credit or debit card of your choice.

Visa and Mastercard are, of course, at the top of the list. And that’s only the beginning.

For more secure crypto transactions

Cryptocurrency is in these days, but it raises legitimate questions: how secure is it?

Probably not much.

How certain am I that it won’t take a nosedive?

Not very.

However, the security issue is its most poignant aspect.

Not all wallets that accept crypto are safe – thankfully, Neteller is here to fill the safety gap.

What about crypto-friendly casinos?

Some might say that Bitcoin itself is a gamble, but the sure thing is that more and more online casinos choose crypto as a payment method.

If the casinos do not restrict you to a specific wallet, you may go for our favorite e-wallet and store your BTC (or LTC, or Dogecoin, or…) there.

Then, feel free to deposit – and withdraw when the time comes.

Bonus: advances in accessibility

Neteller is downloadable as a mobile app.

Both Android and iOS users may enjoy its benefits from wherever they are.

Furthermore, customer reviews are generally favorable, scoring a whopping 3.8 on Google Play and a similar mark on the App Store.

To sum up

There is a long list of reasons why you should go for Neteller.

When you make online transactions, to casinos especially, Neteller is one of your safest picks.

It is virtually fraud-proof, and its long history on the market shows that it means business.

Moreover, it allows you to transfer funds to non-Neteller users, should you want to make a personal transaction.

If you still have any question, feel free to ask me.

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