April 05, 2021

Markets that Digital Entrepreneurs Should Look Into

By Sona Mathews

Digital entrepreneurs are shaping up the future of businesses, taking advantage of the possibilities that are made available to them because of technology. The focus of the new business model and strategy is to create shared value.

This means that, in order to prosper and be profitable in the future, business ideas will need to add economic value, while addressing the needs and challenges of the society.

Markets that Digital Entrepreneurs Should Look Into: eAskme
Markets that Digital Entrepreneurs Should Look Into: eAskme

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For those looking to develop a startup idea, these are the best trending industries to tap into.

Sports Betting

This industry has caught the eye of many entrepreneurs and investors throughout the years, growing stronger year on year.

Sports betting is one of the most promising industries, with the market expected to reach $87.75 billion by 2024.

Its strong presence has therefore opened up numerous opportunities, not only for those wanting to start a new business, but also for data analysts and content creators.

Many startups look up at the pioneers in the industry to try and become successful in the world of online gambling.

Despite these pioneers having started as location-based casinos, rather than online platforms, they have managed to adapt to the latest digital trends.

One of the biggest bookmakers in the world, sports betting, has revamped its services and offerings to be able to satisfy the new customer needs.

Because customer habits change all the time, entrepreneurs should research those businesses in their targeted industry that have best adapted to change.


This is another example of a market that has grown in popularity because of the fast-changing consumer behavior.

Many entrepreneurs are looking for an opportunity to grow in this industry, but only those with a good work ethic, plenty of knowledge in the area, and a passion for business will be able to survive.

Although there are new websites launching every minute, it is still not a saturated market because purchasing habits have become increasingly digitally oriented.

The make-or-break deal for success in this industry is marketing.

Just like any other business that exists solely online, the products need to be seen all over social media and they need to target the right customers.

Of course, startups will be competing with already established brands that have a bigger marketing budget.

However, this is where creativity comes into play.

Entrepreneurs that decide to go down this road have new ideas and unique perspectives on how to turn those ideas into reality.

That, mixed with the desire to make the business work, will get the products noticed by the right people that can help the startup to really take off.

Today, entrepreneurs have been given the opportunity to create an internet-based business that doesn’t need a physical space.

This fact saves a lot of investment money, allowing them to start and conduct the work from anywhere in the world.

The most important thing when choosing this path is to be willing to adapt to new circumstances and to invest in learning.

There are many digital entrepreneurs out there with similar business ideas, but only those who offer quality services to the right target audience will thrive.

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