April 04, 2021

How to Make Money WordPress Blogs Self hosted?

When we talk about blogging, there are so many ways to monetize your blog. You can make money by advertisement networks; you could also make money without running ads on the blog. 


Making money without ads takes of-of hard work.

When you bog on the WordPress platform and make money with ads, it becomes a lot easier.


So today, We will discuss Prominent ad networks to monetize a self-hosted blog.


Some ad networks have imitations like traffic, pageview, etc.


We will discuss details in an explanation. There are more than a thousand ad networks available, and I am using only those I have used personally.

How to Make Money WordPress Blogs Self hosted: eAskme
How to Make Money WordPress Blogs Self hosted: eAskme

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List of Ad networks to Make Money from Self hosted WordPress Websites:

Google AdSense:

Google AdSense is the no 1 contextual ad network and the first love of every blogger. It pays really well.
You just need to create an AdSense account, then get AdSense ad codes and add them to your blog.
Their Minimum payout limit is $100. The Adsense approval process is a little tougher. AdSense prefers blogs and sites with quality.
I like Adsense because it is the best when we want to earn money blogging.

    Minimum Payout: $100 USD
    Payment mode: Multiple options (Some country specific)
    Sign up for AdSense

Understand AdSense better with following:

    What is CTR in Google AdSense
    Tips to increase Google AdSense revenue


Infolinks show various types of ads on your blog. They offer are famous in-text ads network.
You can easily monetize your WordPress blog in various ways.
Frame ads allow you to run ads on Margins.
Many people are using big screens, so it will be helpful to use frame ads.
You can also monitor ad performance with their android and iPhone apps.
It is really easy to get approval from infolinks and monetize your blog.
You can easily integrate their Wordpress plugin.
  • Minimum Payout: $50
  • Payment mode: Paypal
  • Sign up for infolinks
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I have used Buy Sell Ads, and they proved to be the best to get direct advertisement.
BuySellAds is a marketplace where you can easily sell your advertisement space.
To use Buysellads, you just need to register an account, add your ad inventory on BuySellads.
Then get the code and place it on the blog. Advertisers can buy your ad space from there, and BSA will take care of ad serving, payment and they will take 25% of the commission.
BuySell ads are the best direct advertising program.
Read More: How to Get BuySellAds Approval for your Website

BuySellAds approval is not easy as they focus on your blog design and popularity.
Buysellads is the best ad network for Wordpress.
They also offer sponsored tweets that help you make money by tweeting.
They also provide you WordPress plugin to integrate BuySellAds on Wordpress.
  • Minimum Payout: $500 for Wire-transfer, $20 for Paypal.
  • Payment mode: Bank check, Wire transfer, PayPal, 
  • Sign up for BuySellads

OIO Publisher WordPress plugin:

OIO Publisher WordPress plugin is a direct advertisement which makes it easier.
You just need to connect your additional space with this plugin, set the price, and fill in details. Advertisers can buy the ad by making payment, and their ads will start showing for the defined period.
This plugin helps you have a self-managed ad-option on your blog.
If you take direct payment manually, then you should use the Ad-rotate plugin, which is free.
  • Minimum Payout: No limit
  • Payment mode: Paypal
  • Check out OIO-Publisher plugin


Viglink has a great potential to increase your earning. Viglink works differently as it allows you to make money with outbound links.
If you find it tough to work with affiliate networks and do not want to bother user visitors, VigLink will be your first choice.
 I have tested it, and it`s really great. Viglink is compatible with other ad networks, so you can use it easily.
You should try Viglink for at least a week, and you will find the great result.
It is really easy to integrate Viglink to your WordPress with their WordPress plugin.
  • Minimum Payout: No limit
  • Payment mode: Paypal
  • Sign up for Viglink

Final Words:

These are a few of the best ad networks to Monetize WordPress Blogs that I have tested on a different blog to make money online.
You can even make more without advertising by selling eBooks, sponsored reviews, affiliate marketing.
 If you have any questions or suggestions about monetizing your blog, feel free to ask in the comments.
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