April 06, 2021

Fall of Yahoo Answers: Shut Down on May 4th, 2021

Yahoo Answers is the most comprehensive Q&A platform, which will go down on May 4th.

After May 4th 2021, Yahoo answers link will direct the visitor to the Yahoo homepage.

Yahoo answers is there since 2005 and one of the longest-running Q&A platform ever. People were visiting Yahoo answers to ask questions or answer the questions already published on this platform.

May 4th, Yahoo Answers Will Shut Down forever: eAskme
May 4th, Yahoo Answers Will Shut Down forever: eAskme

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Yahoo answers were the first massive service that gave the world “Ask me anything.”

But things are different now.

Yahoo has sold itself to Verizon Media Group for $5 billion in 2017. And since then, people have seen a lot of changes in the Yahoo platform.

After April 20th 2021, new registration for yahoo answers will not work.

The current Yahoo Answers users have the time till June 30th to request their data.

You may want to know why Yahoo is shutting down Yahoo answers.

Here is the answer.

Yahoo has declared that Yahoo Answers popularity decreased over the years. The lesser popularity is making the Yahoo team put Yahoo answers to rest for the future.

Because of this, Yahoo has decided to shift their resources to other popular services than Yahoo answers.


Brands have a long history of taking down the products not popular or not in use anymore.

Yahoo Answers is also falling for similar reasons.

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