May 11, 2021

Facebook ‘Neighborhoods’ Makes it Easy For Locals to Connect

By Sona Mathews

Facebook Neighborhoods is a new feature included in a Facebook app that can off3er many features like Nextdoor.

Neighborhoods is already available in Canada and soon will be released in the USA.

The neighborhood feature lets Facebook users connect with the people outside the news feed.

Facebook ‘Neighborhoods’ Makes it Easy For Locals to Connect: eAskme
Facebook ‘Neighborhoods’ Makes it Easy For Locals to Connect: eAskme

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To activate the Neighborhoods feature, you need to create a separate Neighborhood profile from the main Facebook profile.

After creating a profile, users can join the discussions within the same city.

Neighborhoods extension allows people to connect, support local businesses, share recommendations, and let users engage with more people.

Today, you will learn how to use Neighborhoods and what you can do with them.

What is Facebook Neighborhoods?

Neighborhoods let Facebook users connect with neighborhoods.

  • To access this feature, users need to create a Neighborhood profile.
  • You will have the same name, cover photo, and profile photo of the Facebook profile.
  • You need to add additional information in Neighborhoods such as bio, favorite places, and personal interests.
What is Facebook Neighborhoods?: eAskme

Facebook users will get neighborhood notifications to confirm if they live in the location they have updates online.

Connecting With Neighbors

As the name suggests, users with Neighborhoods profile will have the ability to start discussions with their neighbors or engage in running discussions.

Users get access to the Neighborhoods Questions. They can submit answers.

Neighborhood Groups

People in the neighborhood can join Neighborhood Groups or create their groups for people in the neighborhood.

It is a creative way to connect people living in the same area. Users can use Neighborhood Groups to participate in collaborative projects, events, etc.

Group admins can also import groups into Neighborhoods for more audience or participants.

Places & Recommendations:

Recommendations features allow users to share recommendations.

Facebook-Neighborhoods-Discover-New-Places-and-Get-Local-Recommendations: eAskme

People looking for recommendations can publish polls to make people in the neighborhood vote on.

More About Neighborhoods:

Facebook users moderate Neighborhoods to keep them inclusive and safe.

Moderators can remove posts that go against Facebook and Neighborhood guidelines.

Facebook tracks Neighborhoods activity to ensure a better user experience.

Facebook is quite clever here as they collect user data.


Facebook Neighborhoods can be beneficial for people worldwide. But right now, it is only available in Canada.

Facebook is rolling out Neighborhoods in the USA.

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