May 10, 2021

How to Become an Affiliate Marketer?

Affiliate marketing is a real form of business within the digital marketing world, believe it or not.

While it does require a little bit of work to make an income, it makes the whole process of selling, so much of an easier process.

You do not need to worry about the products you're selling, the inventory of those products, and of course all the customer service that comes with it.

How to Become an Affiliate Marketer?: eAskme
How to Become an Affiliate Marketer?: eAskme

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Affiliate marketing has become rapidly more common than you think nowadays.

Everything from fast fashion sites, to gambling, operate their marketing through an affiliate system.

Many new betting sites establish greater conversions for example, by expanding their networks and reach through affiliate programs.

So, if you are wanting to know the exact procedures of how to gain affiliate links and get your prospective business going, make sure to stay right here!

What is affiliate marketing?

So, starting from basics here, affiliate marketing is a business arrangement between two parties, where one party is the company and the other, is the party promoting the company’s products or services.

Affiliate marketing can sometimes be referred to as performance marketing too, yet it is very different to forms of marketing that rely on the Facebook ads amongst other social media pursuits and ad banners.
The measure of commission that affiliates make, depends directly on the conversions of the diverted traffic i.e. they need to buy the service, for you to get paid.

How does Affiliate marketing work, and how do you pick your niche?

Affiliate marketing works via the frame line we have listed briefly below:

A visitor to your site or blog will read an article or a review that you have published.

Within the text, there will be an affiliate link present, which is unique to you and your site (so the company will distinguish who referred the visitor amongst other affiliate partnerships).

Should the visitor click through to the link and complete a purchase on the merchants site, the affiliate who guided the generation of that lead will be compensated a commission accordingly.
There are things that can block accurate tracking, however.

Aspects such as the consumer using multiple devices to complete the transaction, in addition to the use of ad blockers, can hide the true identity of the affiliate, and ultimately compromise the commission that could have risen from the conversion.

While technology for conversions is consistently improving, in-house affiliate programs tend to always do better, when they are managed by the company/merchant themselves.

Picking your niche

When it comes to picking your niche, you should always consider these three things:

  • What your hobbies are
  • Fields where there is little to no competitionA
  • And, finally a niche that has a lot of ground and depth for you to cover as many relatable consumer topics as possible.

One of the most competitive niches on the market today include iGaming affiliate ventures, and many of these affiliates play such a large crucial role to the online and sportsbook world, when it comes to reeling in the new punters to a community.

The niche which generates the greatest buzz to capture punters attention, includes niches such as crypto only gambling sites, fantasy sport iGaming incentives and of course one of the most popular to date, is the promotional offers that consumers can use in real-time, if they happen to just join-up or register with the said betting/casino site.
The only way to know which is the best route to take for yourself, is to know the possibility of profitability.

Meaning do your research, check the possible merchants traffic base (this is where it can get further technica), incorporate SEO and know what exact keywords are currently ranking within google.

You will of course want your niche and website to rank within the first page of google, as that is where the profit lies.

How do you get paid as an affiliate?

To get paid as an affiliate, will often always occur via the sole conversion of a sale, also known as Cost Per Action (CPA).

This is the most popular way, however there are other methods such as being paid by a lead (CPL), via an email address, phone number and other credentials input within the merchants site.

CPC or cost per click is another, often noticed via ad banners and clicked straight through.

CPM or cost per thousand, is for impressions generated, in terms of reach.

This again can be steered via ad banners in motion.

After you pick your niche, what is next?

Once you have got your data analysis in, with technicalities like SEO and keywords generated, you will need to go about setting up your services directly to the merchant you are working with.

Blogs are a very successful way to manoeuvre things naturally, and more favorable over alternatives like social media, and portals like Instagram.

Sure, creating content directly through there is fun, but if Instagram decides to not like your business methods and ways of attaining conversions, you can disappear like quicksand overnight.

So, a blog using SEO on page and off page practices, is the safest possible route to guarantee leads.
For the content you are about to create, make sure you have compiled quite a few, to run over so many weeks.

The reason why we say this is, you will be favored more when you post content consistently and timely.

This generates a buzz and authenticity around your affiliate website.

Most importantly, when we say stay consistent, that means stick-to-your-niche. Period.

Do not go on tangents, as that will seriously kill some time and progress when it comes to measuring profits here.

Track your progress and sign up with an affiliate

The final stage to get the gig, is to make sure to measure your progress after unleashing your content strategy.

If your analytics have proven to generate an audience, you can then further extend your reach through respectable social media platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, podcasts etc. as you have created your solid foundation from your site and blog pages.

Also, make sure to sign up to an affiliate program that suits your niche and can be a long-term partner with you.
Make sure you have the analytical numbers to prove your worth, because the merchants you have selected will be most guaranteed, to check out and see the hype that you are generating yourself.

So, look sharp, make that traffic, and ultimately get that profit!

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